Jake Paul is a clown trying to help himself - Sam Alvey believes Paul would cut UFC roster from 800 to 75 under garb of better pay

Sam Alvey (left) and Jake Paul (right)
Sam Alvey (left) and Jake Paul (right)
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Sam Alvey has blasted Jake Paul for urging fighters to demand increased pay. Paul has been a longtime critic of UFC president Dana White. He believes the UFC boss is not paying fighters as much as they deserve for stepping inside the octagon.

The UFC veteran, who has been competing in the promotion since 2014, completely disregards the notion that Paul is trying to help athletes regarding the fighter-pay issue in the UFC. According to Alvey, the UFC will have to eliminate most fighters on its current roster to pay athletes as much as Paul wants them to be paid.

Jake Paul is really focused on the UFC which makes me very suspicious of his motives. What about the fighters in Bellator, PFL, ONE Championship, KSW, ACA, and so on? Don't they deserve some advocacy?

Referring to the undefeated boxer as a "clown", the Wisconsin native feels Jake Paul is only talking about fighter pay to gain clout and be seen as someone trying to further a good cause. During a recent interview with Full Mount MMA, Sam Alvey said:

"Jake Paul is a clown and he is not trying to help fighter pay, he is trying to help himself. Every fight sells when you either want to see somebody win or see somebody get knocked out. Jake Paul has figured out that everyone wants to see him get knocked out so he wants to try and switch that narrative... and so he goes after the low-hanging fruit that sounds great to everyone, 'pay fighters more'... If UFC, Dana White, any of those guys were to do what Jake Paul is asking, he wouldn't get us paid more, he would eliminate the roster of the UFC. We would go from a roster of what 800 to down to 75."

Check out Alvey's interview below:


Paddy Pimblett shares Sam Alvey's views on Jake Paul's fighter-pay stance

Up-and-coming lightweight prospect Paddy Pimblett has similar views to Alvey's when it comes to Paul's stance on fighter pay. The Liverpudlian slammed the YouTube star for "trying to act like a martyr" when his only intention is apparently to increase his own popularity and degrade Dana White in the public eye.

Paddy isn't buying it.@theufcbaddy believes Jake Paul is trying to be a martyr in his crusade against Dana White, the UFC, and fighter pay among other things. He might just be onto something.🖼: @Uncaged_Media

In a recent video uploaded to his YouTube channel, Pimblett said:

"He’s going on, he’s trying to act like a martyr, like he’s helping MMA fighters. He’s not, lad. He’s just doing that for his own publicity. That’s why the only thing what’s pissing me off about it, people are like, ‘Ah, he’s actually being good for MMA fighters.’ He’s not. He just wants to make a show of Dana White, and that’s the perfect way of doing it."

Check out the video below:


Pimblett also called out Paul's alleged bluff of wanting to step inside the cage and fight under MMA rules down the line. 'The Baddy' believes Paul would never compete in MMA and if he did, he'd be more than willing to fight 'The Problem Child' even in his "ma’s garden".

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