Jamahal Hill reportedly knocked his brother’s teeth out due to dispute over Thanksgiving Day texts

James Hill (left) and Jamahal Hill (right) [Image Courtesy: @sweet_dreams_jhill via Instagram]

Jamahal Hill is a former UFC light heavyweight champion, who is now in a position to reclaim his title from its new owner, Alex Pereira. Unfortunately, 'Sweet Dreams' has found himself at the center of a domestic violence controversy. However, instead of involving his significant other, it involves Jamahal Hill's brother.

News of Hill's arrest first emerged just days ago. However, details regarding the incident were scarce. All that was known was that it involved him physically assaulting his brother on Nov. 27. But the exact reason behind the incident wasn't divulged until now.

According to TMZ, the reason behind the scuffle was a series of disputes, the greatest of which was a conflict over an agreement between Jamahal Hill and his brother, James Hill, to clean the former UFC champion's house for $300. While James did clean the house, he neglected to clean the freezer.

Furthermore, James also took issue with his brother's views on women, along with his alleged treatment of the mother of his children, which caused 'Sweet Dreams' to storm off. The following day, Hill reached out to his brother via text, demanding an answer as to why the freezer hadn't been cleaned.

This culminated in Hill requesting half of the $300 fee returned due to the job being unfinished. However, James later returned, cleaning the freezer as initially agreed upon. Unfortunately, another argument arose between them, this time over the topic of Thanksgiving Day texts, which caused Hill to attack his brother.

He sucker-punched James, then landed a subsequent blow. After 'Sweet Dreams' refused to apologize or respond to his texts, James contacted local law enforcement. Additionally, he also divulged that during the altercation in question, Hill knocked his teeth out.

Jamahal Hill's arrest isn't the first of its kind in the UFC

Unfortunately, Jamahal Hill's case of physical assault isn't unique to him in the UFC. Other fighters in the promotion have found themselves at the center of violent disputes, domestic and otherwise. Jon Jones was infamously arrested for a domestic violence incident involving him and his fiancée.

Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington were involved in an incident of their own, which saw 'Gamebred' attack 'Chaos' at a Miami steakhouse, chipping his tooth with a sucker punch, before running off.

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