"Just a big hypocrite" - Colby Covington continues to go after LeBron James; dismisses his charity work as 'tax write-offs'

Colby Covington (left), LeBron James (right)
Colby Covington (left), LeBron James (right)

Colby Covington and LeBron James are two athletes on the opposing ends of the political spectrum in the United States. The disconnect between their beliefs has fueled the top UFC welterweight contender to fire shots at the NBA superstar.

In an interview with The Daily Wire, Covington criticized the NBA for backing progressive causes such as the Black Lives Matter movement. He then singled out the league's poster boy LeBron James, who is among the leading activists in all of sport. According to Covington:

"[LeBron James] is just a big hypocrite. The two biggest things he loves to talk about are equality and injustice. Where's the equality in employing women in Chinese sweatshops to make your merchandise for millions of dollars while they're making pennies? Where's the equality in that?
"Where's the justice in critiquing the greatest country in God's green earth, America, but not talking about Hong Kong, not talking about the Uyghurs in China. He's staying silent on everything in China because he's a Chinese puppet master."

Watch Colby Covington's interview below:

Colby Covington belittles LeBron James' charitable contributions

On top of being a basketball icon and an advocate for social justice, the Los Angeles Lakers superstar is also celebrated for his humanitarian work.

James supports several charities and has established the I Promise School, an academy that caters to underprivileged students in Ohio.

But according to Colby Covington, the four-time NBA Most Valuable Player is merely using his charities as a way to decrease his taxes. Covington argued:

"I know first-hand when you're making a lot of money, you need tax write-offs. These schools, these charities, yeah he wants to look like a good guy on camera like he's doing good for the people. This is a tax write-off for his billion-dollar business. He needs this so he can keep all his cash in the bank."

This isn't the first time Colby Covington has gone after James. Ahead of the 2020 US presidential election, the UFC fighter expressed his support for Donald Trump and sideswiped LeBron James in the process.

Evidently, Covington has been one of the biggest supporters of the former POTUS, while James has been one of his staunchest critics.

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Edited by Harvey Leonard
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