'Less than 350k is a joke' - Paulo Costa puts UFC on blast for how little he was offered to headline August card

UFC 241 Cormier v Miocic 2
UFC 241 Cormier v Miocic 2

Paulo Costa recently called out the UFC for offering him too little of an amount to headline a UFC Fight Night in August against Jared Cannonier.

'Borrachina' took to Twitter to reveal that he was being offered less than $350k for the main event and labeled the amount a 'joke'. Paulo Costa wrote on Twitter-

"Less than 350k is joke"

This is the latest addition to a series of tweets uploaded by Paulo Costa that raised substantial doubt regarding his next fight coming to fruition.

Costa has also taken a jibe at YouTubers moving over to combat sports in recent times, which have undoubtedly brought up important questions about fighter pay.

Demanding adequate money to headline a UFC card, Paulo Costa wrote on Twitter-

"UFC needs to pay me as main fighter to have fighting in main events. Youtubers are showing all disgrace on this business."

The second-ranked middleweight contender also claimed that the UFC announced his upcoming fight against Jared Cannonier without him having finalized the contract. Apparently perplexed by the announcement, Costa further wrote-

"Just to be clear. I never signed or locked up that contract. Why ufc announced this fight if didn’t signed? My question too"

Paulo Costa wants to make the fight happen

While Paulo Costa might not have come to terms with the UFC at the negotiating table, he is still doing his best to make a fight materialize.

According to Paulo Costa, he was being offered an amount even less than some unranked fighters, despite being a fan favorite. Costa wrote on Instagram-

"Im here to clarify. I have working so hard to come and make a great show for fans next against a great UFC name on similar position as me #2 top ranked but they keep insisting on paying me even less than some unranked fighters , thats so unfair. And im A GUY WHO PEOPLE WANT TO SEE FIGHTING! I believe this is very bad for sport and fan’s lost good fights would suppose happened. I ll be training hard as always to make that vicious fight people love watch"

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Edited by Harvey Leonard