"He’s an absolute beast" - Liam Harrison supports Savvas Michael over Rodtang

[Photos Credits: ONE Championship] Liam Harrison, Savvas Michael, Rodtang Jitmuangnon
[Photos Credits: ONE Championship] Liam Harrison, Savvas Michael, Rodtang Jitmuangnon

British Muay Thai star Liam Harrison has made comments about the ongoing ONE Muay Thai Flyweight Grand Prix. After the electric quarter-final round, reigning champion Rodtang Jitmuangnon will face Savvas Michael in the next round of the tournament.

'The Hitman' Liam Harrison said that he is a big fan the Cyprus-born striker Savvas Michael, whom he picks to defeat Rodtang.

In an interview with ONE Championship, Harrison talked about how impressed he was by Michael.

“Savvas Michael was absolutely incredible... I thought he was absolutely brilliant. He’s leveled up so much. He’s an absolute beast. His mindset, everything, he’s just a killer.”
Savvas Michael is a beast 🔥🔥

In the opening round of the tournament, Michael defeated Amir Naseri in a dominant victory while Rodtang had a decisive win over Jacob Smith. Next, Michael and Rodtang will meet and Harrison says he is picking Michael to take the win.

“I’m really looking forward to him and Rodtang because if there’s a foreigner who can beat him at that weight, it is Savvas. God knows what’s going to happen in that fight, but as I said, if anyone can beat Rodtang, it’s him.”

Liam Harrison, later on this year, will face reigning ONE Muay Thai Bantamweight world champion Nong-O Gaiyanghadao in a very exciting title matchup. This will likely be scheduled for later this year along with the finals of the Muay Thai Grand Prix.

'The Hitman' Liam Harrison discusses the Grand Prix finals

Rodtang and Savvas Michael are meeting in the quarter-final round, with Walter Goncalves and Superlek Kiatmuu9 facing off on the other side of the bracket. Superlek dominated Taiki Naito to get here while Goncalves got a quick knockout against Josue Cruz.

The British Muay Thai fighter Harrison discussed how much of a fan of Superlek he is and predicted the finals of this tournament. Speaking to ONE, he said:

“I love Superlek, he’s one of my favorite fighters ever. I don’t know if we’ll see anyone beat him in that tournament. He looks devastating... I think Superlek is going to the final, no doubt.”

He added that he sees Superlek winning the entire Grand Prix but would be quite happy if Michael won in the end.

“Superlek was my [tournament] favorite from the start, although I’d love Savvas to win because, honestly, I love that kid. His dedication, how hard he trains, he’s an absolute machine. And he’s come on so much that I’d love to see him win.”
Liam Harrison’s insane comeback against MuangThai 🤯

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