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Logan Paul claims his sparring partners 'beat up' his brother Jake Paul

KSI VS. Logan Paul 2 - Launch Press Conference
KSI VS. Logan Paul 2 - Launch Press Conference
Modified 07 Jan 2021, 04:22 IST

Logan Paul has revealed that his brother Jake Paul gets battered by his sparring partners. The Paul brothers have been clashing lately, with Jake Paul insinuating that Logan does not deserve to fight Floyd Mayweather.

In a recent episode of his podcast "Impaulsive," Logan Paul revealed what he thinks about the attacks from Jake Paul directed at him and how he has learned to deal with criticism ahead of his exhibition bout with Mayweather.

Jake Paul has stated that Logan Paul facing Mayweather is something that should not be happening, as Jake considers that it will do more harm than good to combat sports. However, Jake Paul has been trying to get himself a fight with UFC star Conor McGregor.

"You [Logan Paul] are not a boxer. This is just for clout. You don't stand a chance and what you are doing with Floyd Mayweather is not good for the sport," said Jake Paul to TMZ Sports.

Even with this hostility coming from his brother, Logan Paul says that he would support Jake Paul for anything that he does. But he did let a minor provocation slip when talking about his brother's recent behavior.

"Yeah, my brother said I'm a fake boxer. That's crazy. Well, I'm like, 'alright, the little brother is up to some sh*t, he wants to get some attention for a segment, go for it.' But I fully support Jake, I'll always support him, like if he fights McGregor... good luck, I don't see any problem with it. And whatever drama he wants to stir or create like it really doesn't bother me like, 'Oh, you're a fake boxer.' Okay, let's box because Jake is a kid that gets beat up by my sparring partners. That's that kid. So real boxer fake boxer, it doesn't affect," declared Logan Paul. "So, and also, I've become like rubber sheet metal, dude. In this fight, you know, everyone is saying a lot of things, and for good reason: I'm fighting Floyd f*cking Mayweather. And so I've literally become immune to every [thing], I've heard it all, I've seen all the memes, I'm screenshotting them, I'm going to make a video out of them; is profit off these f*ckers."

Is Logan Paul versus Jake Paul a possibility?

Logan Paul already has declared that fighting his brother Jake Paul will eventually happen because "it makes sense." Although their parents would not be happy, Logan Paul thinks that they will get away with it.

Talking on his podcast "Impaulsive," Logan Paul reinforced the idea that the fight could occur one day. According to Logan, he does not see a problem with Jake Paul's offenses directed at him, as they only feed their "inevitable" future fight.

"Yeah, dude, I've heard it all, and like, I'm fully aware of what the boxing heads - even like my brother - thinks about this fight. I don't know where it stems from with him. It could be just to continue the narrative of Jake Paul versus Logan Paul - which I like."
Published 07 Jan 2021, 04:22 IST
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