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Logan Paul believes that a fight against his brother, Jake Paul, is 'inevitable'

Logan Paul says fighting his brother Jake Paul is inevitable
Logan Paul says fighting his brother Jake Paul is inevitable
Modified 23 Feb 2021

Logan Paul says he thinks it will be inevitable to eventually enter the ring and face his younger brother, Jake Paul. In an interview with Brendan Schaub in his a video on his YouTube channel 'Below the Belt,' Logan Paul spoke about his upcoming bout with Floyd Mayweather and how he believes he and his brother will have to fight one day.

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The Paul brothers are the unexpected names making headlines in the fighting world in 2020. Since their debut in professional boxing last year, the Pauls have been involved in numerous rumors and feuds with MMA fighters and boxers alike.

The latest talk related to the duo is a possible fight between the two in the next few years, after they establish their names as professional boxers.

"My dad does not want us to do that. But I think it's inevitable. In two to four years' time, I think Jake and I are going to be beating the sh*t out of each other in a ring, and I think it'll be one of the most historical fights ever. The Klitschko [brothers] didn't do it. They had a chance, right? Our mom tried to make us agree to never do that. But you got the one tatted up problem child, and then you got the podcasting-Pokemon-collecting-apoxie-producing, f*cking whoever else I am. So, that would be something."

While Jake Paul (2-0) is trying to get himself a boxing bout with UFC legend Conor McGregor, Logan Paul (0-1) has arranged an implausible fight against Floyd Mayweather for February 20, 2021.

Although Logan Paul hasn't won any of his boxing matches until now, he believes he would have no problem beating his younger brother. If the fight follows the same logic of their social media channels, it should be a closely balanced bout since the two YouTubers have nearly the same number of followers and subscribers.

"Yeah, I think I'd beat the sh*t out of him [Jake Paul]."

Would Logan Paul want to fight his brother?

According to Logan Paul, it wouldn't be the first time he and Jake Paul would have a face-off if they ever enter the boxing ring. The Paul brothers hated each other when they first started their social media careers, and fighting would be just another addition to their long-running feud.

"Jake and I, back in the day, had a feud on YouTube. We made diss tracks on each other. It is my most viewed YouTube video, 280 million views. 'The fall of Jake Paul' it is called. He made a diss track [on me], we hated each other, like for a year. It's when we were both coming up on YouTube, and I think a lot of people paid attention [to it]," revealed Logan Paul. "They couldn't believe that two dudes who are from Ohio, that were brothers, that were also succeeding on YouTube at the same exact rate hated each other."

Asked about how the beef started, Logan Paul recalled when he and his brother took their first steps to social media stardom.

"I think there was inherent competitiveness, with who was a better YouTuber and how fast you could grow. There was also a girlfriend involved. So, I think if that fight happens, I don't think it would be any different. I think the only thing that would change is the medium. Instead of YouTube, it'd be boxing, and I think just as many people would tune in and watch me beat the sh*t out [of Jake]."

Logan Paul's only professional boxing fight happened last year against fellow-YouTuber KSI. Paul lost via split decision. He believes that losing the fight was a blessing in disguise. Had he won the bout, Logan Paul reckons he would never have received the chance to face Floyd Mayweather.

"They say everything happens for a reason, and maybe I had to lose that fight," evaluated Logan Paul. "Maybe I had to have the greatest fall in the history of social media to have the greatest victory. If I had won that fight, would I have gotten this opportunity that dwarfs any opportunity or event that any social media star has done, ever? The gratitude that I have to share the ring with this legend is unparalleled."

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Published 13 Dec 2020, 06:27 IST
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