Artem Lobov doesn't think his UFC friend Conor McGregor will fight Jake Paul

McGregor v Cerrone
McGregor v Cerrone
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Jake Paul has declared it his life's mission is to defeat UFC former double-champion Conor McGregor. He wants to face McGregor in a boxing ring and believes he will beat the Irishman if they ever happen to fight.


In a recent interview, former UFC lightweight Artem Lobov, McGregor's friend and training partner, gave his opinion about the potential bout. Lobov believes the fight is not realistic and his friend would defeat Jake Paul with no hassle.

"I mean, come on. Everybody knows that it would never happen. Conor would absolutely kill him just by looking at the guy," Lobov said dismissively.

The Russian fighter, who last year fought at Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship and was part of McGregor's team at The Ultimate Fighter 22, admits that Paul has the right intuition on calling out McGregor.

"But the thing about this is: the guy understands the business. This Jake Paul guy understands business. And the truth of the matter is that calling out Conor McGregor will do more for your brand than fighting most of the active fighters in the world right now. That's just the truth of the matter. And to be honest, I have a term for this for many years already: I call it a 'safe call out'," declared Lobov. "Where you're calling out Conor, you're getting all the media that comes with it, but you don't actually have to fight him, and many guys have done that before. I myself would probably be doing that if me and Connor weren't friends and we weren't, you know, training partners. Because why the hell not?"

Lobov is sure that his friend McGregor, once a holder of two different UFC titles, is not at all worried about fighting Jake Paul. He is aware that 'The Notorious' McGregor is maybe the most famous name in the fighting world and is the right name to mention if what you want is media coverage.

"All you have to do is mention Conor's name. You don't have to fight him, and you get all the media attention. Every article, every newspaper in the world was talking about it. So, why the hell not? You know, the power of attention. He [Jake Paul] did it. I'm sure Conor didn't even blink over it," reflected Lobov.

Jake Paul's call out to UFC legend Conor McGregor

Jake Paul is a YouTuber who initially rose to fame on the now-defunct video application Vine. He also acter on a Disney Channel series called Bizaardvark for two seasons. Since this year, Paul is also interested in boxing.

"I’m wiping my a** with Dillon Danis then Jake Paul vs. Conor McGregor will happen and I will win. Don’t underestimate the Cleveland kid. I will continue to shock the world."

Paul is still unbeaten after winning his only two bouts. Although he never faced a professional fighter, he believes he can defeat a number of MMA athletes besides Conor McGregor. He is constantly exchanging threats with other mixed martial arts names such as Bellator's Ben Askren and Dillon Danis. Danis is another McGregor team partner.

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