"The main concern is the fans" - Manny Pacquiao reveals if he's still interested in boxing Conor McGregor

Manny Pacquiao (left), Conor McGregor (right)
Manny Pacquiao (left), Conor McGregor (right)

Manny Pacquiao vs. Conor McGregor is a boxing match that has been teased several times; however, the fight has not yet materialized. In a recent interview with The Schmo, 'Pac-Man' expressed why he hasn't gotten around to butting heads with 'Notorious' yet, and why he won't do so in the near future either.

Yearning to offer fans the best of boxing, Manny Pacquiao dismissed a fight with the Irishman, declaring that he was not keen on fighting non-boxers just for a hefty payday.

In a bid to do justice to the sport that has given him so much, Manny Pacquiao leaned towards fighting legitimate threats in pugilistic circles. However, a crossover fight may not be off the table, for we may see Pacquiao making a comeback in his dotage.

"For me, money will follow but my concern is the fans, how to make the fans happy. I don't pick a non-boxer opponent. I want to pick the very best. So that we can claim that we are the best," said Manny Pacquiao.

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Should Conor McGregor switch over to boxing indefinitely?

Conor McGregor emerged from his most recent fight against Dustin Poirier with the worst injury he's ever suffered. Following surgeries and the introduction of foreign materials in his leg, Conor McGregor set off on the path to a full recovery.

However, several fans and MMA pundits have expressed concerns regarding his ability to kick. An MMA fighter who cannot throw or check a kick is not extremely conducive to mixed martial arts. While medical professionals have assured fans that the presence of a titanium rod in the Irishman's leg will not affect his performance, none are so easily convinced.


Conor McGregor has been a mainstay in pugilistic circles ever since he made waves against Floyd Mayweather. His return to the squared circle has been supported by a legion of fans. The southpaw has always leaned towards striking in the octagon and could therefore, fit into the boxing system seamlessly.

There are a number of reasons why Conor McGregor should consider a switch to boxing, from his pugilistic prowess to ensuring his safety and health.

Do you think the Irishman will switch over to boxing? Let us know in the comments!

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