"I ate 10.6k calories yesterday" - Paddy Pimblett lists incredible amount of food he consumed in one day

Paddy Pimblett (via YouTube / Paddy The Baddy)
Paddy Pimblett (via YouTube / Paddy The Baddy)
Ryan Harkness

Paddy Pimblett is well known for blowing up weight-wise after his fights, but this time he's documenting the process for his new video blog series BaddyTV.

In a new video captioned 'Paddy the Fatty is BACK,' Pimblett details a typical night of excessive eating now that he's got some time between fight camps. He said:

"I actually counted it all, I had 10.6k calories yesterday. I woke up at 7AM needing a s**t, that's how much I ate yesterday. I did [wake up a light heavyweight] ... I'm a disgusting human being, lad."

Pimblett went on to list everything he ate, and the man certainly loves his chips. He said:

"We went to Cafe No. 9, the Laffey wrap comes with salt and pepper chicken, bacon, cheese, wrapped, with spicy mayo. And that comes with its own chips, them chips have their own mayo. And we ordered salt and pepper chicken loaded fries and cheesy chips with salt and pepper chicken on them. I also ordered some loony fries, ate all of them."

Watch the full BaddyTV video where Pimblett reveals his post-fight eating habits below:


Pimblett was just getting started. He added:

"Finished their pasta off, got home and had a 240 gram pack of chocolate buttons, which is like 11,000 calories. Then I had two Wispa Golds, a can of coke, then we went at Nando's. We had the hummus between us, I had ten BBQ wings to me self, a garlic bread, a rice, a chips, and half a chicken. I got home and had two of those daisy donuts, Joe made me loads of red velvet cookies, I had two of them. And obviously I had drinks."

The video goes on to show Paddy Pimblett and his girlfriend hitting the waterfront and continuing to eat ice cream. Back at the gym he steps on a scale at 194.5 pounds. Then it's back to the restaurant for more food, this time chocolate covered pancakes. The next day at the gym he weighs in again, and this time he's 202 pounds.

Paddy Pimblett is now open to fighting Ilia Topuria next if that's what the UFC wants

Paddy Pimblett's hotel scuffle with Ilia Topuria was hot news during the lead-up to UFC London, and while Pimblett initially waved off the idea of fighting Topuria in the cage, his views have softened since then.

In an interview with BBC Sport, Pimblett said:

"If his name's on the next contract the UFC send me then yeah, I'll fight him."

Much has been made of Paddy Pimblett's UFC salary, which saw him earn $24,000 for his win over Kazula Vargas at the O2 arena, plus a $50,000 performance bonus. With 'The Baddy' a clear star in the UK, many other fighters and analysts have declared Pimblett the most underpaid fighter in the UFC.

Paddy getting into it with Ilia Topuria heading into #UFCLondon this weekend @theufcbaddy @SpinninBackfist

Pimblett has said he has no interest in fighting ranked opponents until the UFC adds some more zeros to his contract. Topuria is currently ranked No. 15 at featherweight, one division down from Paddy Pimblett.

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