Alleged screenshot of Paddy Pimblett telling Muhammad Mokaev that he shouldn't represent the UK because he wasn't born there emerges on social media

Paddy Pimblett (left) and Muhammad Mokaev (right)
Paddy Pimblett (left) and Muhammad Mokaev (right)

Paddy Pimblett and Muhammad Mokaev picked up big wins at UFC London, which led to a Twitter argument they had in 2018 resurfacing. Pimblett is known to have gotten into altercations on social media, and four years ago, he may have gone too far.

Mokaev was born in Buynaksk, Russia, but fled to England at the age of 12 with his father in search of a better life. Nowadays, the 21-year-old represents England as his home. Yet, back in 2018, Pimblett allegedly said this to Mokaev:

"No u wear that flag as a fraud. ur not from here u idiot and I'd outwrestle u it's that simple. remember the name Tom Owen don't ya. took u done and triangled u in a tournament u little mat puncher"

Mokaev didn't take kindly to the message and responded by saying:

"You're racist! I represent this country, what you gonna do about it? I don't need to wrestle you, I know how you wrestle already"

Pimblett ended the argument aggressively by saying:

"Hahaha how am I racist? Haven't mentioned race once u t*t. was u born here??? nope then u Shudnt represent this country that simple! No we both know what wud happen you'd get slammed on ur back an start crying & mat punching like u do when u loose"

Pimblett's Twitter account is currently suspended, so it is not 100% guaranteed these tweets are legitimate. If they are real, this conversation is intriguing to show a different side of 'The Baddy'.

Muhammad Mokaev doesn't like how Paddy Pimblett acts

Despite their alleged argument four years ago, Mokaev still doesn't like Pimblett. During the UFC London post-fight media interview, the 21-year-old stated his frustration with 'The Baddy':

“This guy pulls his pants down. A man doesn’t do this. Women don’t do this stuff. Pull his pants down, get fat, drink beer like animal."

Pimblett and Mokaev are on different paths to greatness, but it wouldn't be shocking if they crossed paths again eventually. Both fighters seem to hate each other, and it's only a matter of time before they come face to face.

Watch Mokaev's reference to Paddy Pimblett pulling his pants down below (The following content is NSFW, so reader discretion is advised):

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