"The hero must adhere to his own code" - Chael Sonnen describes how Ian Garry could have better handled controversy surrounding his wife

Chael Sonnen reflects on the controversy surrounding Ian Garry and his wife
Chael Sonnen (left) reflects on the controversy surrounding Ian Garry and his wife (right) [Images Courtesy: @sonnench and @iangarry on Instagram]

Chael Sonnen has offered his perspective on the controversial discussions swirling around Ian Garry and his wife, Layla Anna-Lee.

In a recent video on his YouTube channel, Sonnen emphasized the importance of adhering to one's personal code during challenging times. Addressing how Garry should deal with fight week considering the drama surrounding him, the former UFC fighter said:

"One thing that the hero must do, the hero must adhere to his own code. He must have a fierce loyalty and integrity to his code. Even if that code is not in conjunction with the norms and or laws. If Garry was to come out of a press conference there's only a few ways to handle this right."

Catch Chael Sonnen's comments below (8:08):


Ian Garry and his family have recently become embroiled in a series of controversies.

Layla Anna-Lee authored a book titled 'How To Be a WAG' over a decade ago, allegedly providing guidance on forming relationships with young professional athletes. While some believe that Anna-Lee's book encourages women to manipulate affluent athletes for financial gain and other advantages, a closer look reveals a satirical tone to the 11-page audiobook.

Moreover, there are rumors that Anna-Lee's ex-husband, Richard Cullen, who is believed to be the nutritionist of the emerging welterweight fighter, is also residing with the couple in their home. However, both Garry and his wife have vehemently denied this claim.

Leon Edwards on Ian Garry's exit from Team Renegade

Leon Edwards recently clarified the reasons behind Ian Garry's exclusion from his Team Renegade gym in Birmingham, England. The UFC welterweight kingpin disputed Garry's account of the situation, asserting that the Irishman was barred for entirely different reasons.

Despite Garry's training involvement with various gyms, he primarily frequents Kill Cliff FC in South Florida when in the USA and Team Renegade in England. However, 'The Future' disclosed a recent ban from the Birmingham-based MMA gym, where Edwards also trains. Garry contended that his removal was prompted by the coaches' concern for not causing any insecurity for 'Rocky'.

During a recent conversation with Rio Ferdinand, Leon Edwards discussed the dispute and provided clarification on why Ian Garry was not permitted to return to the gym:

"That wasn’t the reason [he’s in the division]. That’s the reason he said. That wasn’t the reason, the coach and the gym that we’re trying to build even though I’m a world champion, I still abide by the same rules as the amateur. Difference is with Ian, was like when he comes in, he brings cameras with him, brings his girlfriend with him. He’s late to the sessions, there’s a lot going on, you know."

He added:

"And that’s the third gym now he’s been kicked out. Clearly a reason why. There’s a lot of people in the gym that are in my division. Once one starts slipping, then you feel okay. If he can do it, I can do it."

Catch Leon Edwards' comments below:

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