Michael Bisping explains what may have been Giga Chikadze's undoing in fight against Calvin Kattar

Michael Bisping (L) via Twitter @MMAFighting and Giga Chikadze (R) via Instagram @knockoutcancer
Michael Bisping (L) via Twitter @MMAFighting and Giga Chikadze (R) via Instagram @knockoutcancer

Giga Chikadze was brutally beaten by Calvin Kattar over the course of five rounds in the first UFC headliner of 2022 this past weekend. UFC Hall of Famer Michael Bisping recently gave his take on the reason behind Chikadze's beatdown.

Bisping believes that 'Ninja', being a finisher, was hoping to dispatch Kattar with one of his signature moves. According to 'The Count', it's natural for a person to expect similar outcomes when they become proficient at doing something.

However, Bisping also warned against making the same mistake in MMA. During a recent episode of his Believe You Me podcast, the former UFC middleweight champion said:

"Like, you get really good at something, you almost come to expect those outcomes. You know, whether it's fighting or whatever you do in life, you're like, 'Yeah, there's nothing wrong with that when history shows what I can do. And everytime I do that.' Whatever act it is, whatever job you're doing, whatever it is you are doing in the world and the result is always the same, you kind of come to expect that. And I think he was kind of expecting to land that Hail Mary. That big shot, that Giga kick to the liver. Or that right hand to the face that would put him down. You know, but you can't do that in MMA. But he'll learn and he'll get better."

Catch the latest episode of Believe You Me below:


Giga Chikadze on his loss to Calvin Kattar

Giga Chikadze came out as the early aggresor against Calvin Kattar, exhibiting his arsenal with attacks to the head, body and legs.

However, Kattar was able to withstand the initial onslaught and continued to pressure Chikadze. 'The Boston Finisher' soon took over, peppering the Georgian's face with elbows and punches to earn an emphatic decision victory.

However, Giga Chikadze is still confident that he would defeat Kattar "nine times out of 10." 'Ninja' said during a post-fight Facebook Live session:

“Also, I feel like if I would fight with this guy 10 times, nine I would win. That would be the one I would lose, and that was last night. It is what it is. I made mistakes, and I’m paying now with that. It’s all good. I’m unbreakable, remember this sh*t. Georgians are always unbreakable. This is how we fight: until the f*cking end.”

Catch Giga Chikadze's Facebook live session below:

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