"I want to see him fight Dustin" - Josh Thomson hopes Nate Diaz gets the fight he deserves before leaving the UFC 

Photo Credits to: Steve Granitz/WireImage, Leon Bennett/Getty Images
Photo Credits to: Steve Granitz/WireImage, Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Josh Thomson and legendary referee John McCarthy recently spoke about the situation with Nate Diaz and his UFC contract.

Thomson also added that the fight he'd want to see Diaz take next would be against Louisiana's own Dustin Poirier:

"I want to see him fight Dustin (Poirier) that's the fight I really want to see."

On their MMA podcast Weighing In, 'The Punk' and McCarthy enlightened viewers as to the contract situation with the UFC and Nate Diaz. Basically outlining the way things have gone for 'Mr. 209' and the strategies the UFC will employ to keep a star like Diaz under contract or have him go out on a fight of their choosing.

According to Thomson, the UFC will allegedly offer a fighter a match against a young star, or someone they want to give a boost to, such as Khamzat Chimaev. Once the fight is turned down, however, the contract is extended by another four months as the UFC is only required to offer three fights a year per the contractual agreement.

They also mentioned, however, that Nate Diaz is wise to work around this strategy. Saying that after turning down a fight, he would then call out somebody else, which would essentially restart fight talks with the UFC and eliminate the full four month add-on time.

Josh Thomson would elaborate on things a bit before revealing who he'd like Diaz to fight next. Thomson said:

"This is the game. This is the contract game... They hold you until the bitter end to see if you'll take a fight that they desire, that makes it easier for them to promote whoever the young talent is. They've offered him Chimaev, I've heard, twice. He turned them down."

Watch the full Weighing In podcast below:


Nate Diaz claims he'd like to be released from UFC contract

Seemingly frustrated that the Dustin Poirier fight hasn't come to fruition yet, 'Mr. 209' might be setting his sights on different horizons and looking to go in a different direction with his career.

Taking to social media, Nate Diaz would vent publically:

"I would like to request to be released from the UFC... I apologize for asking online but u don’t give me a fight asap I got s**t to do"

Do you think the infamous Stockton native will leave the UFC to pursue something like a Jake Paul boxing match? Or are these just further ploys from Diaz to speed up the UFC in their matchmaking with him?

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