"The guy's a f***ing chocolatier!" - Michael Bisping shares hilarious details about the part-time security guard who choked out Dillon Danis

Former UFC champion Michael Bisping (left) and Dillon Danis (right)
Former UFC champion Michael Bisping (left) and Dillon Danis (right)
Anurag Mitra

Michael Bisping has shared hilarious details about the part-time security guard who recently choked out Dillon Danis at a bar in New Jersey.

In a recent interaction with True Geordie, Michael Bisping revealed that the man happens to be a chocolatier by profession.

According to 'The Count', the man only worked as a doorman in the bar because he was short on cash. Bisping further said that the man isn't even trained in jiu-jitsu and had only done a "little bit of Krav Maga" before taking the part-time job as a doorman.

"The guy isn't even a full time security man, he's not a full time bouncer. He's actually a chocolatier, that's what he does for a living. The guy is a f***ing chocolatier, he's a master of chocolates, that's what he does and he was short on cash so he was doing a few hours as a doorman. He's never done jiu-jitsu, he's done a little bit of Krav Maga."

Catch Michael Bisping's revelation in an interview with True Geordie below:

Dillon Danis was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct at the aforementioned bar in New Jersey. Danis was allegedly not carrying any identity proof with him at the time. Upon being asked to show valid ID, Danis allegedly hit one of the guards.

It was at that moment that the part-time security guard grabbed Danis from behind and put him in a rear-naked choke. The 2-0 Bellator fighter was held in the choke and later handed over to police.

A video has surfaced showing Dillon Danis struggling with police after being arrested at a bar in New Jersey for unknwon reasons. Danis, a Bellator athlete holds a 2-0 pro-MMA record but hasn't competed since 2019.#VMTV #Bellator #Arrest #MMA #MMATwitter

Michael Bisping calls Dillon Danis a "stain on mixed martial arts"

It's clear that Michael Bisping isn't fond of Dillon Danis' antics. On a recent episode of his own podcast, Bisping called Danis a "stain" on combat sports. Bisping went on to claim that Danis seems like a "very broke" version of Conor McGregor.

"God, I can't believe I'm talking about Dillon Danis, who I refer to as dildo Danis and it's a little immature but it fits him perfectly. He's a stain on mixed martial arts and I wouldn't normally give him time but if you follow mixed martial arts and if you're a hardcore fan, you're aware of him somehow permeating into the peripheral of mixed martial arts. The guy hardly ever fights. I think he's got two fights in Bellator. He's best known for being Conor McGregor's No. 1 cult rider, if you know what I mean... He copies Conor's whole schtick. He's a very, very, very, very poor man's Conor McGregor. He's like a broke version of Conor McGregor that's lost all his money."

Dillon Danis is McGregor's jiu-jitsu coach and has been very vocal in his support for the Irishman on social media over the years.

Michael Bisping says "it's laughable' how hard Dillon Danis is trying to be Conor McGregor #UFC #BellatorMMA ➡️➡️

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