"Now Twitter is a lizard" - Paddy Pimblett calls out Twitter after his account gets suspended from the social media app

Paddy Pimblett [Image Captions- @paddythebaddyufc on Instagram]
Paddy Pimblett [Image Captions- @paddythebaddyufc on Instagram]

Paddy Pimblett, the newest hot talent on the block, announced his arrival in the UFC with a bang. Although fans have been extremely receptive of the scouser's antics, the same cannot be said of social media platforms.

Pimblett recently took to social media in a bid to throw some shade at Twitter after his account was suspended. In a recent post on Instagram, Paddy Pimblett shared a screenshot of his suspended profile on Twitter.

The reason behind the suspension, however, remains a mystery. The platform, as is visible in his most recent post, cites violations of its guidelines and rules as the reason behind the discontinuation of his account on Twitter.

The timeline of his return to the popular social media platform, Twitter, remains shrouded in mystery. However, he will hope for it to be sooner rather than later.

When was the last time Paddy Pimblett's social media account was suspended?

This marks the second time Paddy Pimblett has been forced out of a social media platform by the authorities, barely months removed from the suspension of his Instagram account.

While in conversation with James Lynch, Paddy Pimblett cited an interaction with a fan as the reason behind his previous suspension from Instagram. A disagreement regarding their alliances to different English Premier League teams lit the fuse for their tiff.

"Someone on me Instagram was giving me grief," remarked Paddy Pimblett. "Saying stuff to me. He's from Wales, he was from Bristol. And he was a Manchester City fan. So I told him to go and support his local team. And he started trying to give me s*** back and forth so I put him on my story and gave him some stick. He must have reported me like a little b***h," said Paddy Pimblett.

Catch the entire segment with Paddy Pimblett and James Lynch right here:


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