"He must have reported me like a little b***h" - Paddy Pimblett explains why his Instagram account was banned

Paddy Pimblett [Image Courtesy: @CageWarriors on Twitter]
Paddy Pimblett [Image Courtesy: @CageWarriors on Twitter]

UFC newcomer Paddy Pimblett has already cultivated a huge following in the world of MMA, despite only having competed on the European circuit so far.

He is currently preparing to make his UFC debut against Luigi Vendramini in September.

One of the ways Paddy Pimblett has created such a following is by being incredibly outspoken on social media, as well as having shown a willingness to interact and communicate with his fanbase.

It will come as no surprise then that when Instagram banned him from his account, 'The Baddy' was livid. In a recent interview with MiddleEasy's James Lynch, Paddy Pimblett discussed his current predicament:

"Well at the minute I'm banned. It's been disabled. It's like they're out for all the scousers. They done it to Till the other week, now they're doing it to me. I think it's just a 48-hour ban to be honest. It best had be, I want me f***ing Instagram back. But yeah, I just go banned the other day. On Tuesday morning the other day at nine AM, it just went off on me."

Catch Paddy Pimblett's full interview with MiddleEasy below:


Why was Paddy Pimblett banned from Instagram?

The reasoning for Paddy Pimblett being banned from the social media platform was due to an interaction he had with a follower. Pimblett says that he had a back and forth with the individual that eventually led to him being reported.

"Someone on me Instagram was giving me grief," remarked Paddy Pimblett. "Saying stuff to me. He's from Wales, he was from Bristol. And he was a Manchester City fan. So I told him to go and support his local team. And he started trying to give me s*** back and forth so I put him on my story and gave him some stick. He must have reported me like a little b***h."

At the time of writing, Pimblett is still banned on the platform. He recently made a post on his Twitter account, stating that:

"How am I still waiting to get back onto my @instagram what on earth is going on here? I have a fight in 3 weeks that I need to promote and yous arnt even giving me a response?! @ufc @UFCEurope @UFCFightPass do my employers fancy helping me out here???"

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