What did UFC fighter Paddy Pimblett have to say about his weight gain between fights?

UFC Fight Night: Volkov v Aspinall: Paddy Pimblett celebrates after his win (Image courtesy of Getty)
UFC Fight Night: Volkov v Aspinall: Paddy Pimblett celebrates after his win (Image courtesy of Getty)

Paddy Pimblett was spotted feasting on a pizza during his post-fight press conference at UFC London. Pimblett earned a first-round submission win over Kazula Vargas on the card.

Pimblett is an avid food lover and has often voiced his opinion on the subject. He seems to gain a significant amount of weight after his fights. He was asked after his win over Vargas if he ever misses his six-pack when he is not dieting between his fights. Pimblett responded by saying:

"I’d rather be fat and happy than like ripped and, like these people who are ripped all year round aren’t happy. I’m not arsed. I don’t care what you say. This six-pack is sound. I look great, but I’d rather be fat and happy."

Watch Paddy Pimblett talk to the media after his win:


Pimblett also looked way heavier than his lightweight frame after his win over Luigi Vendramini in his UFC debut. Many fans trolled him online for his body. However, that didn't bother 'The Baddy' as the Liverpudillan said this while chatting with Nathan Fletcher:

"Everyone keeps commenting s*it like Paddy the fatty and I'm like yeah, I enjoy being fat. I do, I'd rather be fat and happy than ripped and miserable 24/7. But, lad, like I'm saying these people that are in shape just 24/7 all year around, like lad, go and enjoy your life, you don't enjoy that. Stop going on like you enjoy living that lifestyle because you're dying for a cookie though."

Watch Pimblett rank his favorite junk foods:


Paddy Pimblett has gotten off to a flying start in his UFC career

Pimblett is now 2-0 in the UFC. He earned yet another first-round finish against Kazula Vargas at UFC London. However, the win came via submission this time after he finished Luigi Vendramini via knockout in his first UFC fight.

Many fans have been skeptical of his last two performances. he got caught by Vendramini several times in his UFC debut and Vargas managed to take 'The Baddy' down. There have been suggestions that Pimblett might not be that successful against the best lightweight fighters.

It will be interesting to see who's next for Paddy Pimblett inside the octagon. He has quickly become a fan favorite in the UFC. Whether he can build on his flying start in the promotion remains to be seen.

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