"He's still one of the best 155ers in the world" - Paddy Pimblett says he would only fight Tony Ferguson if UFC offers him a six-figure payday

Paddy Pimblett (left); Tony Ferguson (right)
Paddy Pimblett (left); Tony Ferguson (right)

Paddy Pimblett has claimed he would only fight veteran UFC lightweight Tony Ferguson if he’s offered a six-figure payday.

In an appearance on the Anything Goes with James English podcast, Paddy Pimblett opened up about his UFC future. Upon being asked whether he thinks the promotion will fast-track him to the top, Pimblett replied:

“F**k that. I’m not fighting a top-10 on the money I’m on, lad… Nick Peet was saying he’d like to see me against Tony Ferguson. And, lad, I’d like to see me against Tony Ferguson, but not on the contract I’m on now. F**k that. Get paid that money to fight Tony Ferguson, lad. Yeah, he’s still one of the best 155ers in the world, lad. I want f**king six figures, lad, then I’m fighting him.”

Paddy Pimblett prefaced his explanation by citing the examples of Darren Till and Sean O’Malley, two other young UFC stars whom the organization has consistently promoted over the years.

‘The Baddy’ pointed out that in Darren Till’s case, the UFC rushed him to the top too soon and the premature promotional push hindered Till. Pimblett added that the UFC has been taking a slow and steady approach with Sean O’Malley’s career.

He opined that the UFC are matching O’Malley up against increasingly tough opponents. However, they’re doing it gradually, rather than throwing him into the deep end right away. Pimblett is of the view that, in his case, the UFC will adopt a strategy similar to the one they’re using to promote O’Malley.

You can watch Paddy Pimblett’s conversation with James English in the video below:


Is Paddy Pimblett the ideal comeback fight for Tony Ferguson?

Paddy Pimblett has consistently maintained that although he aims to scale great heights of success in the UFC, he wouldn’t fight top-tier opposition unless he’s compensated well enough to do so.

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Meanwhile, Tony Ferguson is well-known for taking on any challenger, regardless of their ranking in the UFC. The lightweight legend has faced a few setbacks recently and is currently on a three-fight losing streak.

Considering the variables at play, ‘El Cucuy’ is believed to be out of the UFC lightweight picture for the first time in several years. This, in turn, could lead the UFC to book Tony Ferguson against a rising star like Paddy Pimblett next.

Pimblett is believed to have already signed the contract for his next fight. It’s unclear as to what Ferguson’s next bout and comeback date are.

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