Sean O'Malley reacts to Paddy Pimblett saying he would accept fights with top 10 opponents only if he's offered a big payday

Sean O'Malley (left) and Paddy Pimblett (right)
Sean O'Malley (left) and Paddy Pimblett (right)

Sean O'Malley claims Paddy Pimblett is walking down a road that 'Sugar' has already trodden. 'The Baddy' recently rejected the idea of accepting fights against top-10 opponents unless he's offered a six-figure contract.

In a recently released video on his YouTube channel, Sean O'Malley said that he received a lot of flak from the MMA community for refusing to fight top contenders without a big payday. However, when Paddy Pimblett says the same thing, it suddenly makes sense to people, O'Malley said in a sarcastic tone.

"Did you see Paddy said he's not fighting anyone from the top-10 till he makes six figures. I'm like dude, that's what I've been saying and I got so much f***ing sh*t for that saying like I want to get paid more if I'm to fight the top, top dudes. Then Paddy says it and and people are like 'f**k yeah that makes sense.'"

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Paddy Pimblett knows his worth and isn't willing to settle for less

Paddy Pimblett knows his worth and isn't willing to take unnecessary risks for the payday the UFC is currently offering him. In an appearance on the Anything Goes with James English podcast, Pimblett revealed that BT Sport's Nick Peet asked him about his feelings on a potential fight with Tony Ferguson.

In response, the Englishman said he'd love to fight Ferguson down the line but not on his current contract. If the UFC comes to him with an improved offer, Pimblett would be ready to fight the best talent in the lightweight division.

“F**k that. I’m not fighting a top-10 on the money I’m on, lad… Nick Peet was saying he’d like to see me against Tony Ferguson. And, lad, I’d like to see me against Tony Ferguson, but not on the contract I’m on now. F**k that. Get paid that money to fight Tony Ferguson, lad. Yeah, he’s still one of the best 155ers in the world, lad. I want f**king six figures, lad, then I’m fighting him.”

Check out Paddy Pimblett's conversation with James English in the video below:


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