Sean O'Malley predicts outcome of potential fight between UFC legend Donald Cerrone and Paddy Pimblett

Paddy Pimblett (left); Sean O'Malley (center); Donald Cerrone (right)
Paddy Pimblett (left); Sean O'Malley (center); Donald Cerrone (right)

Sean O’Malley has put forth a prediction regarding the potential lightweight showdown between Donald Cerrone and Paddy Pimblett. ‘Sugar’ appears to be of the view that Pimblett would emerge victorious in that matchup.

The MMA community has lately been abuzz with speculation that MMA legend and longtime UFC fighter Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone could fight Paddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblett next. While a fight between the two hasn't been confirmed, it would be a massive second outing for Pimblett, who debuted with a knockout win in September this year.

In an edition of The BrOMalley Show, UFC bantamweight Sean O’Malley and his brother, co-host Daniel O’Malley, addressed the Donald Cerrone vs. Paddy Pimblett matchup. Sean stated:

“God, he might beat ‘Cowboy’ [Cerrone] ‘cause ‘Cowboy’ does not do good in pressure situations. And Paddy’s gonna bring that anxiety, that, ‘Oh my God, you’re fighting Paddy,’ that feeling. Might be a good fight for Paddy.” Sean added, “But ‘Cowboy’s’ saying, ‘I’m not fighting for anyone other than myself. This fight’s different.’”

Furthermore, Sean O’Malley shed light upon the weight gain that Paddy Pimblett self-admittedly experiences between his MMA fights. ‘Sugar’ noted that Pimblett recently gained 35 pounds and is walking around 190 pounds. Sean said:

“Paddy Pimblett’s revealed he’s gained 35 pounds. He looks fat as sh**.” Additionally, regarding Pimblett cutting down to lightweight [155 pounds], Sean noted, “It’s not healthy, dude. That is not f**king healthy.”

Watch Sean O’Malley discuss the Cerrone vs. Pimblett matchup in the video below:


Sean O’Malley on a potential UFC super-fight with Paddy Pimblett

Paddy Pimblett recently labeled himself as the UFC’s new cash cow. ‘The Baddy’ opined that his entry into the company will likely overshadow Sean O’Malley who happens to be one of the UFC’s rising stars.

Pimblett also believes that despite the trash talk between them, a bout between the two likely won't occur given their weight difference. Furthermore, he explained that the UFC wants to build both stars and have their careers go in different trajectories rather than clash against one another.

Sean O’Malley explained that a fight between him and Pimblett – whom he referred to as “ugly and stupid” – would make sense if they both kept winning. Sean said:

“We'd have to meet at a weight that makes sense but that's a super fight. That's not a fight you make now, it's not a fight you make in a year, it's a fight you make when I'm the champ, he's the champ.”

Sean O’Malley is likely to fight again in March or April 2022, while Paddy Pimblett is expected to fight on the UFC London card in March. Neither fighter’s next opponent has been officially revealed as of yet.

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