"Gayest s**t I've ever seen" - Sean Strickland blasts Khalil Rountree Jr.'s post-fight speech

Image credits: Sean Strickland- Getty, Khalil Rountree- MMA Weekly
Image credits: Sean Strickland- Getty, Khalil Rountree- MMA Weekly

UFC middleweight Sean Strickland is not a fan of Khalil Rountree Jr.'s emotional post-fight performance.

For many watching UFC Vegas 50, Rountree Jr. was one of the highlights of the night. Not only did he score a spectacular TKO over Karl Roberson, he then followed that up with an inspirational speech detailing his struggles with mental health. It was an extremely heartwarming moment to everyone except Strickland, who shared his disgust on social media.

Strickland's Twitter account is consistently awash in controversial content and offensive opinions, and his latest attack on Rountree Jr. certainly fits both descriptions.

"Gayest s**t I've ever seen and I love bi women so ive seen a lot of gay... Yeah you're really special, a special little snow flake... This man is the definition of a PC BETA male. You all would hate him..... seriously being in the same room as him makes me cringe"

Watch the video clip of Khalil Rountree Jr. that Sean Strickland attached to his tweet below:

It's hard to understand what prompted Strickland to respond so negatively to one of the most honest post-fight interviews in recent history. While there's no recorded bad blood between the two in the past, Rountree Jr. fights a weight division up at light heavyweight, so it's not trash talk to sell a potential fight.

No, it seems like this is just another example of Sean Strickland trying to promote himself as an edgy 'alpha' tough guy by denigrating anyone who shows too much emotion or empathy. We'll let you decide for yourself whose outlook is the healthier one.

Conor McGregor was a big fan of Khalil Rountree Jr.'s finishing body kick

As far as we're concerned, Khalil Rountree Jr. is definitely on the right path coming off his huge victory at UFC Vegas 50, and we're not alone. Former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion Conor McGregor also shared his enthusiasm for Rountree Jr.'s inventive use of a body kick to hurt Roberson badly on the ground.

"A lovely timed soccer kick to the body of a downed opponent. A much under utilized legal strike. Nice to see some fresh innovation again in there instead of the usual garbage we see over and over."

Check out McGregor's tweet:

McGregor is no stranger to inventive striking from unusual positions. In his fight against Donald Cerrone back in January of 2020, 'The Notorious' used a series of shoulder shrugs in the clinch to great effect, hurting Cerrone badly and leading to a quick finish.

Conor isn't the only fan of Khalil's creative body kick attack as the UFC ended up giving him a $50,000 performance of the night bonus for it.

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