Watch: Bryce Hall gets dropped by Austin McBroom at press conference ahead of their fight

LiveXLive & Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms Press Conference @ Fred Segal West Hollywood
LiveXLive & Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms Press Conference @ Fred Segal West Hollywood

Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom couldn't wait to get their hands on each other, with the social media stars starting an all-out brawl during a meet.

The duo were trading jabs at Fred Segal in West Hollywood when Bryce Hall got fired up and charged at McBroom.


However, Austin emerged victorious in the short scuffle as he was immediately able to drop Bryce to the floor.

As the entire crew jumped in to get them separated, someone could also be seen smashing a bottle on someone else's head. Speaking to TMZ outside the venue, an infuriated Austin McBroom said -

"He out here trying to wrestle. We got a fight June 12, he's wrestling me! If he does that bulls*** on June 12, he's getting his ass knocked out. That's what's happening."

When asked if the tussle was fake, McBroom replied -

"None of this s*** was staged. This s*** is real. He's getting knocked the f*** out."

Bryce Hall claims to have a 'better fight' lined up

Since the scuffle at Fred Segal, Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom have traded blows over social media.

McBroom was the first to take a jibe at Hall. He claimed the TikTok star was as strong as the YouTuber's 10-month baby boy. Offering Bryce Hall a fight against his kid, Austin McBroom wrote on Twitter -

"Come to find out @brycehall is as strong as my 10 month old baby boy. Steel boy you wanna fight him instead of me"

The TikTok star immediately hit back. Hall stated McBroom was lucky to have his security step in during the brawl.

According to Hall, he was unaffected by the incident as he has a 'better fight' lined up after his bout against McBroom. Replying to his opponent, Hall wrote on Twitter-

"glad your security was there to push me off of you ! after im done with you i got a better fight next so im not worried"

21-year-old Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom, 28, are set to headline the 'YouTubers vs TikTokers' card, which is scheduled for June 12.

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