Watch: Carlos Condit beats Matt Brown by unanimous decision in a battle of UFC legends

Carlos Condit proves he can still be valuable to the UFC with a win over Matt Brown
Carlos Condit proves he can still be valuable to the UFC with a win over Matt Brown

Carlos Condit versus Matt Brown was a long-awaited bout for UFC fans. Supposed to happen in 2013, and then in 2017, the duel between the two UFC veterans never took place. Until now.

With only three wins in his last 11 fights in the UFC, Carlos Condit proved he still has got it after defeating Matt Brown in the UFC Fight Island 7 co-main event.

Round 1: With the two fighters promising a show, the welterweight bout began with 'The Immortal' Brown dominating the octagon's center.

'The Natural Born Killer' Carlos Condit tried to shrug the pressure off with kicks, but the action was in vain since Brown applied Carlos Condit a solid body lock, bringing the fight to the ground.

Brown maintained the top position on the mat for the remaining half of the first round, but he could not produce any significant action against Carlos Condit's stable defense.

With one minute to go, Carlos Condit tried to regain some space against Brown's submission attempt, passing the guard over Brown, who ended the first round with a bloodied face from Carlos Condit's constant elbow attacks.

Round 2: The second round started with Carlos Condit trying some high kicks again, but Brown connected a strong elbow that seemed to hurt Carlos Condit.

After some unproductive punches, elbows, and low and high kick attacks from both fighters, Brown pushed Carlos Condit against the cage, but the pressure did not last for too long.

Back to the octagon's center, Carlos Condit surprised Brown with an impressive takedown. Brown was already displaying clear signs of exhaustion.

After recovering from the takedown, Brown brought the fight to the ground again, but he could not maintain his spot at the top, unlike the first time. Carlos Condit quickly switched position to get the advantage over his opponent for the two minutes left for the end of the second round.

Round 3: The third round started with a referee's stop when Carlos Condit accidentally hit Brown's groin with a kick. However, Brown chose to resume the action after only a few seconds of stoppage.

Drained up, the two UFC veterans started to grapple at the center of the canvas until Carlos Condit could get in a comfortable position on the top of Brown's body, aiming for a rear-naked choke.

Even though Carlos Condit was in a better spot over Brown to try a submission, he could not translate it into a definitive advantage. Carlos Condit missed the momentum when Brown was able to untie his opponent's grappling.

'The Immortal' slipped through Carlos Condit's hold to invert the advantage. Brown crawled his way out of Carlos Condit's grasp until 'The Natural Born Killer' applied another takedown.

In the last few seconds, Brown once again managed to get to the top of Carlos Condit but could not produce any action to convince the judges to award him with the victory.

Result: Carlos Condit defeated Matt Brown by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

What's next for Carlos Condit?

Since Carlos Condit fought for the UFC welterweight title against Georges St-Pierre back in UFC 154, he could not get back into his best form, which got himself the title shot in the first place.

Following the defeat to St-Pierre, Carlos Condit entered a setback spiral, losing eight out of his eleven subsequent UFC bouts. The veteran expects tonight's win over Matt Brown will boost his confidence and convince the UFC that he is still capable of higher flights.

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