Watch: Heartwarming interaction between Edson Barboza and Shane Burgos backstage after UFC 262 war

UFC 262: Edson Barboza v Shane Burgos
UFC 262: Edson Barboza v Shane Burgos
Deepit Sharma

Edson Barboza and Shane Burgos kickstarted the main card of UFC 262 with an absolute dogfight. Both fighters went at each other with everything they had. Edson Barboza managed to best 'Hurricane' Shane Burgos, winning the featherweight war via TKO in round three.

The slugfest that both the fighters put up ended with massive respect between the athletes. Edson Barboza and Shane Burgos also interacted backstage and shared an emotional moment as Edson Barboza congratulated a teary-eyed Shane Burgos on a well-fought battle.

Barboza acknowledged that the fight could have gone either way. Had Burgos landed earlier in the fight, Edson Barboza stated that he could have been the one on the receiving end of a KO.

Being the legend of the sport that he is, Edson Barboza did his best to encourage and motivate Shane Burgos to come back stronger and keep moving forward. Shane Burgos, too, appreciated and thanked Edson Barboza for the war, and the two concluded their backstage interaction with the utmost respect and sportsmanship.

Edson Barboza calls for a performance bonus after grueling battle with Shane Burgos

Edson Barboza is now on a two-fight win streak in the featherweight division. He is shaping up to be a legit threat in the division, and his performance tonight proved that his career is far from over.

He started the fight by targeting Shane Burgozs' lead leg. The lethal striker in Barboza surfaced tonight to deliver a dynamic performance. He mixed up his strikes efficiently, ultimately damaging Shane Burgos' lead leg and frequenting the body and head.

Some highlight reel moments that Barboza created included wheel kicks catching Burgos on the head and the body. His switch-inside-kicks also played a huge role in paving the path to ultimate victory.

What made this performance a spectacular one was that Shane Burgos never stopped being a threat throughout the matchup. He was right there, toe-to-toe with Edson Barboza in terms of shots landed. However, it was the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of Edson Barboza that gave him the edge over his opponent.

In the post-fight interview, Edson Barboza said that he felt the fight deserved a bonus for the battle he and Shane Burgos put up. The crowd's cheers at the statement suggested that the fans indeed agreed with Edson Barboza.

Moreover, the fight certainly did seem deserving of the larger fight bonuses that the UFC plans to give out tonight. Who do you think will win the bonuses for their performance at UFC 262?

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