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Watch: Bizarre moment as UFC Vegas 14 fight held up by Rhys McKee's missing mouthguard

Rhys McKee
Rhys McKee
Johny Payne
Modified 15 Nov 2020, 06:46 IST

The welterweight bout between Alex Morono and Rhys McKee on the preliminary card of UFC Vegas 14 produced a rather bizarre moment.

McKee’s mouthpiece fell out while both fighters were trying to out-grapple one another and get a better position in the clinch against the fence.

Rhys McKee was fighting to get to a better position as Morono had a hold of his head. McKee, bent at the waist, was fighting to out-grapple his foe and get away from the fence, but had his mouthpiece fall out in the middle of this intense grappling exchange.

The mouthpiece bounced off the mat and then fell towards the fence and right into the crevice that runs between the Octagon’s mat and the fence.

Rhys McKee and Alex Morono’s separation ensured that the search for the mouthpiece began

Referee Jason Herzog seemingly noticed the mouthpiece falling out of Rhys McKee’s mouth.

However, Herzog waited until a break in the grappling exchange ensued.

It was then that Herzog called for a pause in the action, in order to look for McKee’s missing mouthpiece. The commentators credited the referee for his craftiness in stopping the action rather than hastily interfering during the exchange.

Initial attempts at retrieving the mouthpiece through the crevice from inside the Octagon failed. The UFC personnel then entered the area below the Octagon, with a cameraman following them.

The commentators jested about how bizarre the situation was and noted that everyone is getting an insight into how the Octagon’s foundation looks from beneath the mat.


Rhys McKee and Alex Morono seemed amused by the situation

Welterweight MMA competitors Rhys McKee and Alex Morono were engaged in a back-and-forth fight before the action was halted by the missing mouthpiece.

During the break, both Rhys McKee and Alex Morono seemed amused by the situation, with their corners urging them to stay focused on the fight that could restart anytime.

While there was briefly talk of a cornerman bringing a spare mouthpiece for Rhys McKee, the UFC personnel ended up finding the mouthpiece below the Octagon.

The commentators then noted that there was blood dripping off the mouthpiece. A cornerman washed the mouthpiece, following which, it was handed over to Rhys McKee who then proceeded to continue the fight against Morono.

The fight ended with the judges awarding a unanimous decision victory to Alex Morono over Rhys McKee, with all three judges scoring the bout 30-27 in favor of Morono.

Published 15 Nov 2020, 06:46 IST
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