“We might see the first death in the UFC” - Fans react as Sean Strickland breaks face-off ritual following heated altercation with Dricus du Plessis

Sean Strickland (left) gets into a heated face-off against Dricus Du Plessis (right) [Image courtesy @stricklandmma @dricusduplessis on Instagram]
Sean Strickland (left) gets into a heated face-off against Dricus Du Plessis (right) [Image courtesy @stricklandmma @dricusduplessis on Instagram]

In January, Sean Strickland is scheduled to make his first title defense against Dricus du Plessis at UFC 297. At the recent UFC seasonal presser for upcoming fights in 2024, the middleweight duo shared a face-off. While Strickland doesn't usually take face-offs seriously, the champion was seeing blood this time around.

Strickland was his typical outspoken self for the majority of the press conference. Towards the end, while the American was mocking du Plessis' relationship with his coach, the South African challenger retorted by reminding the champion of his troubled upbringing.

Strickland's sudden change in demeanor after du Plessis' comment did not go unnoticed by the fans, prompting many to take to social media to speculate what it meant for the middleweight title clash.

@TaylorJohn41431 posted footage of the face-off on X, opining:

"Strickland actually looked into Dricus's eyes, and we might see the first death in the UFC. 😳"

@RobertLMacon joked:

"Dricus getting in his head might’ve unlocked a new mythical fighter: Eye contact Strickland. 👀"

@MattyClubs said:

"Eye contact Strickland is a beast we’ve never seen."

@sladeneverdies wrote:

"Strickland by murder."

@AcidandRick opined:

"Strickland by whatever he wants. 😭"

@tastyytasty had this to say:

"No way in hell Sean Strickland loses this."

@mcloves13 speculated:

"I think he’s nervous and pressing too much because he’s number 1. He has everything to lose, and I bet he’s worried about it."

@ZachM904 wrote:

Lol seriously. Dricus is just a fighter. Sean [is] just a serial killer."
Screenshot courtesy @TaylorJohn41431 on Instagram
Screenshot courtesy @TaylorJohn41431 on Instagram

Dricus du Plessis "hit a nerve" at the presser, sending Sean Stickland into heated tirade

Sean Strickland is a master on the mic. However, during the recent UFC 2024 seasonal press conference, Dricus du Plessis might have stolen the show from 'Tarzan'.

Strickland had an abusive childhood, and 'StillKnocks' made sure to pull his foe's troubled past into the conversation:

"Bro, you think your dad beat the s**t out of you? Your dad doesn't have s**t on me. I'm going to show what it's like to beat you. Every childhood memory you have is going to come back when I'm in there with you."

This led Strickland to lash out uncharacteristically, promising to take du Plessis' soul when they meet:

"I will take your f*****g soul, you understand f*****g p***y? Yeah, you f*****g did hit a nerve... I'm going to f**k you up, Dricus."

Catch Sean Strickland and Dricus du Plessis' comments below:


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