When Youtuber-turned-boxer Logan Paul bought a fake Pokemon card

When Logan Paul realized he had been duped into investing in a fake pokemon card
When Logan Paul realized he had been duped into investing in a fake pokemon card

Logan Paul's fascination with collecting Pokemon cards has often led the YouTuber to shell out millions of dollars. Pokemon cards are a rage among collectors who are willing to spend extravagantly on rare collectibles belonging to the franchise.

One such card that Logan Paul bought in October of 2020 turned out to be a replica. The older of the Paul brothers realized later that he had invested $150,000 in a fake Pokemon card. Paul revealed in an Instagram story that he had been scammed as he peeled off the counterfeit card.

While making the purchase, Logan Paul thought that he was buying an ungraded Pikachu Illustrator card. The original card would have been roughly worth $2 million USD.

Upon discovering that he had bought into a scam, Paul exasperatedly punched and shattered a glass window in his house. He suffered multiple wounds on his arm and had to be stitched up.

According to Logan Paul, he knew about the card being fake prior to recording the now infamous video. Paul wanted to show himself realizing that the card was a fake copy. This plan backfired as Paul bled severely due to the cuts and reportedly got 9 stitches.

Logan Paul recently unboxed one of 1st edition Pokemon boxes worth $2,000,000 on his YouTube channel. Paul also invited his fans to bid on their favorite Pokemon cards from the entire lot. The unboxing was planned for 27th February, which is also celebrated as Pokemon day by many Pokemon fanatics.

Logan Paul will fight Floyd Mayweather next

Logan Paul is 1-1 as a professional boxer. He kicked off his boxing career in 2018 against fellow YouTuber KSI. It has now been reported that Paul might trade blows with Floyd Mayweather next.

Logan Paul will enjoy a huge weight advantage against the undefeated veteran. However, it is very likely that the boxing novice will not be able to defeat 'Money'. The boxing legend is widely considered to be the greatest defensive boxer of all time.

The bout will be hosted under the Fanmio Boxing banner and will reportedly be an exhibition match. The two combatants were set to fight in February 2021 but due to contract negotiation issues, the fight has been postponed for now.

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