"Where's my knee?" - Chris Weidman shows off slightly misshapen leg ahead of a second surgery for UFC 261 injury 

Chris Weidman gives another update on the status of his broken leg [Left Image Courtesy: @chrisweidman on Instagram]
Chris Weidman gives another update on the status of his broken leg [Left Image Courtesy: @chrisweidman on Instagram]

Chris Weidman has kept his fans and followers in the loop about the recovery process of his broken leg.

'The All-American' suffered a horrific leg break at UFC 261 in a middleweight rematch with Uriah Hall within 17 seconds of the fight. The injury gave his opponent a TKO victory over him without having to throw a single strike.

Watch the video of the leg break below [Viewer's discretion advised]:


Chris Weidman recently revealed that his bones were not healing properly despite the initial surgery, and he would have to get another one because of a non-union.

In a series of Instagram stories earlier today, the UFC middleweight shared the current status of his right leg. The former champion pointed out that there was so much fluid deposited above his knee that he could not even feel the joint.

"Look how weird this looks. Look at that. Where's my knee? It's all fluid, fluid sitting above my knee," Chris Weidman said.

Watch a compilation of the stories below:


In the video, we can see him recovering using a Personalized Tourniquet System for Blood Flow Restriction by Delfi. It is a device that facilitates the safe use of blood flow restriction rehabilitation training methods by appropriate regulation and control of tourniquet pressure.

"Blood Flow Restriction involves the application of a pneumatic cuff (tourniquet) proximally to the muscle that is being trained. It can be applied to either the upper or lower limb. The cuff is then inflated to a specific pressure with the aim of obtaining partial arterial and complete venous occlusion," says on the official website of Delfi.

Chris Weidman is also seen doing squats and using a Tib Bar in the video.

Chris Weidman is getting another surgery on August 11

The former UFC middleweight champion did not take long to get back on his feet after suffering the leg break. UFC 261 took place on April 24, Weidman uploaded a video of him undressing his injury on April 29, and he was already walking by the end of May.

However, from what Chris Weidman told Miesha Tate and Ryan McKinnel on MMA on SiriusXM, he will have to undergo another surgery that will likely happen on August 11. He said he expected setbacks with this kind of injury and was keeping a positive frame of mind.

He later spoke about the same on his Instagram account in a video that included an X-ray image of his leg.

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