Who is Diego Sanchez's coach, Joshua Fabia?

Diego Sanchez [left] and Joshua Fabia [right]
Diego Sanchez [left] and Joshua Fabia [right]

Joshua Fabia is the founder of the "School of Self-Awareness," an Albuquerque, New Mexico-based organization. Through SoS, Fabia aims to share his knowledge of health, fitness, and healing.

Joshua Fabia came to prominence following his collaboration with former UFC welterweight Diego Sanchez. 'The Nightmare' joined forces with Fabia in 2019 following his split from Jackson-Wink MMA. Subsequently, Sanchez roped in Fabia as his lone cornerman during UFC outings.

According to a short description on the School of Self-Awareness website, Joshua Fabia is said to have amassed specialized experience in "defense, protection, human rights, and physical therapy." Fabia also holds certifications in martial arts, personal training, several military fields, stretch training, breathing, and more.

The SoS (School of Self-Awareness) website also mentions that Joshua Fabia entered the healing world at nine years of age when Fabia's grandfather suffered a stroke. Based on the description:

"Observing the Western approach to physical therapy and driven by the desire to help, Joshua fell into the role of physical therapist for his grandfather and worked with him to a remarkable 85% full recovery."

According to a report by The Body Lock MMA, Joshua Fabia has a background as an Army Ranger and is a 'Systema instructor' in training. Fabia has incorporated his unconventional training methods into his self-devised SoS (School of Self-Awareness) course. The offered courses focus on "breathing and healing." The SoS method of training claims to transform its practitioners "from the inside out."

When Joshua Fabia got slammed by UFC commentator Joe Rogan:

Although Joshua Fabia claims to be helping Diego Sanchez with his training regimen, many in the MMA community have accused the self-proclaimed coach of duping the welterweight fighter.

UFC commentator Joe Rogan poked fun at Fabia's training methods on his podcast in 2019. Rogan was amused by the advice Fabia offered Sanchez during The Nightmare's fight against Michael Chiesa at UFC 239.

“He [Diego Sanchez] had that one guy in his corner telling him ‘be like Tyson’. He was giving him weird advice,” Rogan said. "This dude has no experience in MMA coaching by the way….(but) Diego is such a strange guy, he might believe this dude has magic powers. A big part of Diego’s success is his belief system. Diego just believes things,” added Rogan.

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