Who lasted longer against Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor or Logan Paul?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Conor McGregor
Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Conor McGregor
Harry Kettle

In their respective fights against Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor was able to last longer than Logan Paul.

Back in 2017, Conor McGregor battled Mayweather in one of the strangest crossover fights in the history of combat sports. Meanwhile, Paul went toe-to-toe with Floyd last night in an exhibition bout that wasn’t officially scored down in Miami, Florida.

Conor McGregor outlasted Paul?

The two contests are very, very different in their own right and nobody is getting around that fact, but it’s hard not to compare the two in some way, shape or form due to how strange they are.

Therefore, it’s worth noting that Conor McGregor lasted until early in the 10th round in his fight against Mayweather before being stopped - marking 28 minutes and five seconds of ring time. Paul went the distance with Mayweather in their bout, which lasted 24 minutes as a result of it being eight rounds in length.

It’s perhaps unfair to say Logan Paul didn’t last as long, mainly because he was in an eight-round fight, with Conor McGregor having a potential 12 rounds to try and get Floyd out of there. Then again, Paul can brag about not being stopped, something that 'The Notorious' cannot do with the referee stepping in and stopping the action due to strikes absorbed by the Irishman in the tenth round.

Nobody is going to try and pretend like Logan Paul has the sort of combat sports credentials that Conor McGregor does. Alas, we all know the Paul brothers will do everything they can to market themselves and how great they are at boxing, which is why Logan will be happy to use as much as he can to build his brand even further.

The focus of Conor McGregor right now won’t be on boxing or a Mayweather rematch, as much as some fans may want it to be. Instead, he has his eyes set on attempting to reclaim the UFC lightweight title.

McGregor will be taking on Dustin Poirier in their UFC 264 trilogy bout next month with any future in boxing currently on hold.

Edited by Jack Cunningham
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