When Joe Rogan broke down a superfight between Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou

UFC 249 Spann v Alvey
UFC 249 Spann v Alvey
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Footage has surfaced of Joe Rogan breaking down a potential fight between Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou.

On Saturday night at UFC 260, Ngannou finally reached the top of the mountain when he knocked out Stipe Miocic to win the UFC heavyweight title. Now, many are questioning what’s going to happen next and who he’ll defend the belt against first.

Rogan’s views

The popular answer to that seems to be Jon Jones. While there’s a case to be made for Derrick Lewis or a Stipe Miocic trilogy, there’s an insane amount of intrigue behind Jones and his move up to heavyweight.

One man who has always liked the idea of seeing Ngannou vs Jones is none other than Joe Rogan.

“Jon Jones vs Francis Ngannou. What is that fight? The only thing that I would hope if that ever happens is we allow Ngannou to get the press that he deserves.
“Dude, what a fight that would be. What a fight that would be. We’ve never seen Jon where he doesn’t have to lose weight. What if he’s eating healthy, just good large portions and hydrating as much as he wants all day long. Maybe he’s 10% better. We don’t know. Maybe Jon Jones is the best heavyweight in the world but he’s just been fighting at 205.”

Ngannou wants the fight, Jones wants the fight, Rogan wants the fight and you can bet UFC fans around the world want the fight too.

Rogan said this a while back when Ngannou was first rising up through the ranks. Now, the bout is arguably even more intriguing.


Nobody really knows the upper bound limit of Francis’ potential. On the flip side, we have no idea how Jon Jones is going to look at heavyweight. As Joe Rogan pointed out, there’s a very good chance Jones could be substantially better than he was at 205. Although that seems unlikely, we still think the appeal of the match-up is too good to turn down.

The fight business is unpredictable but if we don’t get this fight, it would be a sin.

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