"Could be a potential big fight" - Sean O'Malley addresses his beef with "ugly and stupid" Paddy Pimblett

Sean O'Malley (left) Paddy Pimblett (right) [Images Courtesy: @sugaseanmma @paddythebaddyufc on Instagram]
Sean O'Malley (left) Paddy Pimblett (right) [Images Courtesy: @sugaseanmma @paddythebaddyufc on Instagram]

There appears to be some level of conflict growing between two of the UFC's brightest prospects. Sean O'Malley and Paddy Pimblett have certainly taken a disliking to one another.

The two men have both had some choice words to say about each other. O'Malley discredited the Liverpudlian's recent UFC debut, whilst Pimblett has described 'Suga' as "a bit of a b****."

Sean O'Malley recently featured on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani. The 26-year-old was asked how the beef between the two men started. The 135-pound knockout artist had the following response:

"I have no idea. I didn't know of him until the UFC kinda started posting stuff about him and I obviously don't follow him. So, just a bunch of people started telling me Paddy's talking s*** so I'm not gonna not talk s*** back."
"So yeah I don't know. I don't know what his beef was with me... As ugly and stupid as he may look, he's kinda smart. He's talking about the biggest name in the UFC. I'm clearly one of the biggest draws. I'm the cash cow and he knows that."

Sean O'Malley on Paddy Pimblett's UFC debut and a potential fight between the two men

The beef between Sean O'Malley and Paddy Pimblett does seem a little bizarre due to there being two weight classes between them. However, Pimblett has previously competed at featherweight and O'Malley is large for bantamweight.

With that in mind, there is a chance they could meet in the octagon further down the line. O'Malley certainly seemed interested in the matchup. He described it as a potential "superfight."

Sean O'Malley also had a couple of comments to make about Pimblett's debut earlier this month. 'The Baddy' knocked out Luigi Vendramini in the first round, instantly capturing the attention of UFC fans all across the world. O'Malley had the following to say about the performance:

"He went out and performed the way he needed to. Besides nearly getting knocked out. Yeah, I think that could be a potential big fight. I don't know. Yeah we'll see, that was my first time seeing him fight."

You can check out Sean O'Malley's appearance on The MMA Hour below:


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