"He's a bit of a b***h a**, isn't he?" - Paddy Pimblett has mixed views about Sean O'Malley

Paddy Pimblett (L) and Sean O'Malley (R) via respective Instagram accounts
Paddy Pimblett (L) and Sean O'Malley (R) via respective Instagram accounts

Paddy Pimblett is finally scheduled to make his promotional debut against Luigi Vendramini at the UFC event on September 4.

Shortly after the announcement of the bout, Pimblett was found sharing his views about famous UFC fighters in an interview conducted by MMA On Point.


The former Cage Warriors champion has an interesting take on UFC superstar Sean O'Malley.

Pimblett took a dig at 'Sugar' for blaming his UFC 252 loss against Marlon Vera on a foot injury.

Paddy Pimblett also credited O'Malley for getting any work done since he believes 'Sugar' Sean to be a pothead. Pimblett told MMA On Point:

"Ah, the amount of people that have tweeted me or Insta'd me like over the past month or two saying fight Sean O'Malley. I"m like, 'Laddies, he's well lighter than me, what are you talking about?' But he's a bit of a b***h a**, isn't he? He hurts his ankle and blames his loss on that. He's a little pothead, so hats off to him. Glad that he is still getting sh*t done while he's stoned half the time. So well in Sean O'Malley, I do reckon you are the tool."

Paddy Pimblett also dismissed the idea of fighting Sean O'Malley due to a difference in weight.

While 'The Baddy' initially fought at 145-pounds, he moved up to lightweight in 2017, which is two divisions higher than the bantamweight division where O'Malley competes.

What Paddy Pimblett likes about Sean O'Malley

Apart from Sean O'Malley's crisp striking, Paddy Pimblett had another reason to like the UFC star.

Pimblett recently revealed that he liked the fact that O'Malley was nice to his fans, who he believes are pivotal to the fight game. The new UFC recruit further told MMA On Point:

"He's got crisp strikes, you know what I mean? He's got good standup but as soon as he gets put in there with a decent grappler, he's just gonna get beat. He's all right with his fans, isn't he? You know what I mean? I like people who interact with the fans cause without fans we wouldn't be where we are now. So, I don't like people that don't interact with fans, I think they are a**h***s. So the fact that he does, makes me like him."

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