Chael Sonnen draws a parallel between Chuck Liddell and Justin Gaethje

Chael Sonnen has spoken about the wrestling prowess of both Chuck Liddell and Justin Gaethje
Chael Sonnen has spoken about the wrestling prowess of both Chuck Liddell and Justin Gaethje
Harry Kettle

Chael Sonnen came up with an interesting comparison when discussing Chuck Liddell and Justin Gaethje.

Throughout the history of the UFC, we’ve seen a parade of different fighting styles being utilized inside the octagon. That has made for some fascinating clashes across all weight classes, which will likely continue to be the case for many years to come.

American wrestling is a prime example of a technique that works time and time again. However, every now and then, fighters who are also good with their hands will opt against using their credentialed ground game.

As Chael Sonnen highlighted in a recent video uploaded to his YouTube channel, Chuck Liddell and Justin Gaethje fall into that category.

“If you’d looked into his career [Chuck Liddell’s], you’d know he was a Division I wrestler but you’d have to look into it to find it. It’s very similar to Justin Gaethje in that regard. I have to tell people constantly that Gaethje was a Division I All-American because he’s never used his wrestling in a fight and Chuck was the same way.”

Catch Chael Sonnen's comments in the video below:

Will Justin Gaethje need to wrestle against Michael Chandler?

Chuck Liddell's best days are well and truly behind him. The same can’t be said for Justin Gaethje, who is set to step back into the cage at UFC 268 next month. He’ll be taking on Michael Chandler in a bout that could determine who the next challenger for the UFC lightweight championship will be next year.

Some think Justin Gaethje will engage in a firefight with Michael Chandler. Others are of the belief that the former Bellator champ will look to use his own explosive wrestling game to avoid being clipped by the big shots 'The Highlight' will throw his way. If that's the case, Gaethje will need to call on his grappling pedigree on November 6.

Chael Sonnen himself was a capable wrestler. He leaned on that style more so than Gaethje has and more than Liddell did during his UFC career. If Justin Gaethje vs. Michael Chandler does turn out to be more technical than most of us expect, perhaps Chael Sonnen is one of the few who won't be surprised.

The official UFC 268 poster. What do you guys think?

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