Teddy Atlas explains what Jorge Masvidal has to do to beat Colby Covington at UFC 272

Jorge Masvidal [left], Teddy Atlas [center], Colby Covington [right]
Jorge Masvidal [left], Teddy Atlas [center], Colby Covington [right]
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Teddy Atlas is certain that Jorge Masvidal has the ability to stop the heavily favored Colby Covington.

As UFC 272: Covington vs. Masvidal edges closer to fight night, the renowned boxing trainer and analyst has logged his detailed prediction. According to Atlas, 'Gamebred' is coming in as a "big underdog" but he could still beat 'Chaos'.

The grudge match we've all been waiting for 💥Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal will headline UFC 272 on March 5, UFC Chief Business Officer Hunter Campbell told @bokamotoESPN. Contracts have not been signed, but the bout is nearly finalized.

The 65-year-old reckoned that Covington had the most advantage but his chin was already exploited during his first showdown with Kamaru Usman. Atlas thinks that if Jorge Masvidal relies on his creative striking, particularly his right hand, he can get the job done.

During a recent episode of THE FIGHT with Teddy Atlas, he explained:

“[Jorge] Masvidal is a big underdog… I know he’s a big underdog. At the end of the day, they’re both going to try to play into their strengths. As I said, [for] Covington [he should] get the takedowns, come in, don’t get careless, try not to get hit too much. One thing with Covington is he’s a southpaw, he gets hit a lot of right hands. He got hit [and] he got a broken jaw in the first [Kamaru] Usman fight. He needs to avoid some of those right hands because that’s Masvidal’s chance – to land a good straight right hand."

Atlas also noted that the older and more battle-worn Jorge Masvidal would need to be able to utilize his legs while keeping distance:

"[Masvidal's] a good striker, he’s creative, he’s got pretty good legs, he’s 37 years old I know, but he’s gonna need those legs. He’s gonna need to keep range, he’s gonna need to keep distance separations and he’s gonna need to make Covington pay a price for real estate… Charge him for real estate, not money, but punches.”

Watch the full episode below:


Kamaru Usman explains why Jorge Masvidal could beat Colby Covington

Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington have both shared the octagon twice with reigning UFC welterweight king Kamaru Usman, losing on all occasions. As for his prediction, 'The Nigerian Nightmare' thinks it is Masvidal who is equipped with the right tools to beat Covington.

During ESPN's UFC Vegas 49 post show, Usman commented on Masvidal's underrated takedown defense:

"He could potentially win the fight because one thing about [Jorge] Masvidal is [that] he is one of the only guys who in his stance is so tall... but he is able to defend takedowns from some of the best wrestlers."

Usman then touched upon Jorge Masvidal's main weapon – his striking. The welterweight champ highlighted that 'Gamebred' had enough skill in his stand-up game to turn Covington's lights off in an instant:

"He's very very good at striking, so relaxed and so fast and he's able to touch you. He might not feel as hard but he can touch that button to be able to shut the lights off. And I mean, being able to run across the octagon in five seconds, landing a knee like that just shows a different level of athleticism... He's a skilled striker, he's a skilled fighter, and he definitely has the tools to be able to land that shot to steal this fight away from [Colby] Covington."

Watch Kamaru Usman discuss Covington vs. Masvidal below:


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