Which UFC Hall-of-Famer are you, based on your MBTI (Personality test)?

UFC Hall of Famers Georges St-Pierre (top), Daniel Cormier (bottom left), and Khabib Nurmagomedov (bottom right)
UFC Hall of Famers Georges St-Pierre (top), Daniel Cormier (bottom left), and Khabib Nurmagomedov (bottom right)

UFC fighters are a curious group of individuals. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a psychological report that aims to categorize people into one of sixteen distinct personality types.

For years, professionals have tried assembling psychological profiles that can be used to distinguish people from one another. The MBTI is a means of doing so that has grown in popularity in recent years, with many web tests arising to gauge people's psyches.

There has never been a popular attempt at categorizing fighters into MBTI personality types, much less UFC Hall of Famers.

This list aims to sort ten Hall of Famers into MBTI personality types so that fans can identify the fighter with whom they share common psychological traits with.

Based on your MBTI personality type, which UFC Hall of Famer are you?

Chuck Liddell: ISTP

Chuck Liddell defined the landscape of MMA in the early 2000's
Chuck Liddell defined the landscape of MMA in the early 2000's

UFC light heavyweight legend Chuck Liddell is fondly remembered as a power-punching striker who mastered the brawl-and-sprawl style of fighting. The former light heavyweight champion is also credited with one of the greatest feuds in MMA due to his rivalry with Tito Ortiz.

Liddell is an ISTP, a classification that usually identifies as an introvert with an individualistic mindset. His pursuit of greatness was so staunch that Liddell repeatedly challenged Jon Jones despite not having been an active fighter for years.

Despite this, Liddell was fairly reserved, avoiding trash talk. As an ISTP, he varied his approach to problem-solving compared to others, which is why the former world champion favored striking during a time when most in the division were wrestlers and grapplers.

B.J. Penn: ESTP

B.J. Penn was a legendary champion
B.J. Penn was a legendary champion

B.J. Penn is one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time, though a glance at his MMA record might not reflect that.

Penn is an ESTP whose life was driven by his pursuit of personal goals. While he had the frame of a lightweight, Penn never shied away from challenges, even facing Lyoto Machida in a light heavyweight bout at one point.

ESTPs are known for diving into action without deliberating too much, and this can be seen in Penn's risk-prone behavior throughout his career.

Urijah Faber: ESFP

Urijah Faber challenged for gold in multiple promotions
Urijah Faber challenged for gold in multiple promotions

'The California Kid' is an ESFP, through and through. While Faber never captured UFC gold, he was credited with popularizing the lower divisions and became a household name throughout MMA.

Like the classic ESFP, Faber is highly sociable, enjoying the spotlight as much as he loves engaging with others due to his fun-loving nature.

'The California Kid' is often a source of laughter and playfulness in the serious world of MMA, as evidenced by his time spent as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter.

Forrest Griffin: ENTP

Forrest Griffin is one of the biggest stars in MMA history
Forrest Griffin is one of the biggest stars in MMA history

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin is one of the most endearing figures in MMA history. He is an extrovert with a quick wit, as seen by his countless humorous moments, such as his spontaneous quips during social situations.

For example, no one can forget his timeless response to a journalist telling him that was being considered as the next opponent for Jon Jones.

As an ENTP, Griffin is curious and entertaining, exhibiting a playful sense of humor that earned him a job with his former promotion after the end of his career as a professional fighter.

Michael Bisping: ESTJ

Michael Bisping has found success post-UFC career
Michael Bisping has found success post-UFC career

Michael Bisping is a true example of an underdog story. For many years, the retired UFC legend repeatedly fell just short of winning a UFC title.

He seemed destined to end his career without ever capturing a world championship. Then, as fate would have it, he stunned the world by knocking Luke Rockhold unconscious at UFC 199 to claim the UFC middleweight championship.

Throughout his career, Bisping championed the values of honesty and dedication throughout his public campaign against fighters he accused of steroid use. As a commentator, he often speaks of his past experiences and how they shaped him as a means of guidance and advice, as ESTJs are known to do.

Ronda Rousey: ISTP

Ronda Rousey revolutionized women's MMA
Ronda Rousey revolutionized women's MMA

Ronda 'Rowdy' Rousey is one of the most elite athletes to have ever signed with the UFC. As is the case for many athletes of her caliber, she is an ISTP whose mechanical understanding led to exceptional proprioception.

Rousey understands her own body movements better than any ordinary person would, which led to her Olympic bronze medal in Judo. She's an introvert who values practical knowledge, with little patience for abstract concepts. Instead, she's concerned with what can be immediately applied to her professional career.

Daniel Cormier: ESFJ

The former heavyweight and light heavyweight champion of the UFC is, without a shadow of a doubt, an ESFJ. Cormier is sociable and extroverted. He is a vibrant presence in the commentary booth. Furthermore, Cormier possesses a strong moral compass because, like all ESFJs, he believes in the existence of an objective right way of leading one's life.

This has put him in conflict with the likes of Jon Jones, who leads a life that is wholly incompatible with Cormier's own values. 'DC' typically offers his guidance to fighters in need of wrestling advice, while also exhibiting the sensitivity to criticism that many ESFJs do.

He recently pushed back against Sean O'Malley's criticism of the former double-champ by bizarrely claiming that it didn't mean O'Malley had bested him in combat, which had nothing to do with 'Sugar's' original point.

Khabib Nurmagomedov: ISTP

'The Eagle' is one of the biggest anomalies in MMA history. He possesses a mystifying, undefeated record of twenty-nine wins and zero losses. During his run in the UFC, Nurmagomedov remained a balanced ISTP.

He is calm and reserved, but never so withdrawn as to seem shy. Instead, he is quietly confident. As is the case with ISTPs, Nurmagomedov is friendly but private, sharing very few details about his personal life that have nothing to do with MMA.

He is also loyal, as exhibited by the friendship he's maintained with Daniel Cormier, a man he first encountered at the American Kickboxing Academy when Nurmagomedov could barely speak a word of English.

Georges St-Pierre: INFJ

Georges St-Pierre had one of the most dominant championship runs in UFC history
Georges St-Pierre had one of the most dominant championship runs in UFC history

Widely regarded as one of the greatest fighters of all time, Georges St-Pierre is an introverted character whose empathetic ways and reserved nature clearly render him an INFJ.

While 'GSP' is a principled man who values politeness and possesses behavior many would characterize as good-natured, he is also ambitious. He yearns to set himself apart from others and do what has not been done before, as is the case with many INJFs.

This was most clear when he challenged Khabib Nurmagomedov in an attempt to not only become the first fighter to ever defeat the Russian, but ascend to uncharted territory as the UFC's first-ever three-division champion.

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