Fallout 76: All Teddy Bear locations

Where to find the Teddy Bears in Fallout 76 (Image via Bethesda)
Where to find the Teddy Bears in Fallout 76? (Image via Bethesda)

Fallout 76 is a game where you can find all kinds of unique items and secrets that give the post-apocalyptic world a little more life. The game's story takes place in a world that has gone through a Nuclear war, the dry husk of this planet still hides some haunting reminders of what it once was. One such item is the Teddy Bears.

Just like Plungers in Fallout 76, Teddy Bears don’t have any essential use in the game, except in occasional challenges or getting some emergency crafting materials. They are a great collectible piece, and you display them in your base to bring some color to the dull wasteland. In this article, we have discussed all the possible locations where you can find Teddy Bears in Fallout 76.

All Teddy Bear locations in Fallout 76

Collect Teddy Bears in Fallout 76 (Image via Bethesda)
Collect Teddy Bears in Fallout 76 (Image via Bethesda)

Teddy Bears are cute bear-shaped plushies that can be put on various furniture and rooms. They are also reminders of the world before the apocalypse and all that was lost. Children in the Fallout universe are a rare sight, so all the toys that are scattered around the wasteland bring more dread than joy.

But enough with pessimism, here are all the potential locations of Teddy Bears in Fallout 76:

  • There are several different teddy bear variations attached to the Dross Toss stand in Camden Park.
  • Usually defended by a random spawn, the upper portion of a small, ruined, unmarked building east-northeast of Knife Edge has eleven different teddy bears.
  • Inside cardboard boxes, four teddy bears can be located in the kitchen's southwest corner near the TV camera at Clancy Manor.
  • At the Watoga Civic Center, stadium seats are adorned with four teddy bears.
  • At the Whitespring Resort, you can find a hotdog and a Nuka-Cola cup in the same kitchen area as Antoine in an oven behind the vendor bot. There is also one teddy bear.
  • In the Dolly Sods Wilderness gift shop, there are up to four teddy bears.
  • Tyler County Fairgrounds has at least one of each variation.
  • Three in the cave made of glass.
  • A variety of different variations of Teddy Bears can be found in the arcade gift shop at Showman's Pier in the Boardwalk section of Atlantic City.
Get ready to hunt some Teddy Bears (Image via Bethesda)
Get ready to hunt some Teddy Bears (Image via Bethesda)

That’s all the locations of teddy bears in Fallout 76. While they are mostly for decoration, you can also scrap them using the workshop menu to get the following items: Cloth x1, Leather x2. Teddy Bears come in a variety of designs, each has unique names such as Bubblegum Bear, BumbleBear, and more.

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