How many campaign missions are there in Destiny 2 The Final Shape? 

Destiny 2 The Final Shape campaign missions
Destiny 2 The Final Shape will have a long campaign (Image via Bungie)

The story beats are the highlight of the annual Destiny 2 expansion this year. The Final Shape's campaign is set to bring the entire Light and Dark Saga to its conclusion - and many players are eager to know how long this epoch-making series of quests will take to play.

The campaign of Destiny 2 The Final Shape will bring the central conflict to its conclusion, as the Guardians face the Witness for a final showdown. Read along to find out exactly how many campaign missions this entails.

All campaign missions of Destiny 2 The Final Shape in order

Most of Final Shape takes place in the Pale Heart (Image via Bungie)
Most of Final Shape takes place in the Pale Heart (Image via Bungie)

Destiny 2 The Final Shape is a 34-step campaign with eight missions, a Strike, and a Raid that serves as an Epilogue of sorts. A point to note here is that the eighth mission will only unlock after the World's First Completion of the Salvation's Edge Raid.

Here are all the campaign missions in order:

  • Mission 1: Transmigration
  • Mission 2: Temptation
  • Mission 3: Exegesis
  • Mission 4: Requiem
  • Mission 5: Ascent
  • Mission 6: Dissent
  • Mission 7: Iconoclasm
  • Mission 8: This mission is not unlocked yet. We will update the list on June 7 when it becomes playable, so stay tuned!

You can battle it with the Dread in the Pale Heart in two familiar difficulty modes: Be Brave or Become Legend. If this is your first ever campaign in Destiny 2, here's a guide on which campaign difficulty you should play The Final Shape in.

If you don't want to unravel the story threads immediately, there is little point to speedrunning the Final Shape campaign on day one. The Salvation's Edge Raid at its summit will only unlock on June 7 - featuring two boss encounters, one of which is The Witness itself.

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How long does the campaign take in Destiny 2 The Final Shape?

With a fully geared-out build, beating The Final Shape's campaign (sans the post-raid Mission 8) should take you around six hours solo. In a Fireteam, the difficulty is higher, but if all the players are well-equipped with high firepower the campaign can be cleared in five hours or even less.

What do you get for beating the campaign in Destiny 2 The Final Shape?

Beating the Final Shape campaign on Legendary will get you 1960-level Blue gear, which is a good way to close the gap to the soft cap. The Raid will cap players a little bit above this gear score, at 1965. As with other Destiny 2 campaigns, you'll also get a new Exotic specific to your current class.

Other than the Raid, the epilogue to Destiny 2 The Final Shape will reportedly also involve a new 12-player activity that some will find exciting.

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