The Elder Scrolls Online console patch notes (April 12): Bug fixes, performance improvements, and more

The Elder Scrolls Online console patch notes (April 12) (Image via The Elder Scrolls Online)
The Elder Scrolls Online console patch notes (April 12) (Image via The Elder Scrolls Online)

A new Elder Scrolls Online patch went live on April 12, 2023, for both PlayStation and Xbox. It seeks to tackle some of the most persistent performance issues that are currently present in the game. The versions will be called 2.43 for the PlayStation 4, 1.25 for PlayStation 5, and for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

Elder Scrolls Online fans looking for a detailed description of the patch can look up the game's official website. However, for a brief overview, here are all the major highlights.

Elder Scrolls Online console patch notes (April 12)

1) Combat and abilities


  • Fixed an issue where you could activate synergies more times than intended.
  • Fixed an issue where break free/interrupt would not register when pressing multiple buttons.
  • Fixed an issue in Gamepad Mode where some button states would block actions triggered by other buttons.

2) Dungeons and group content


Scrivener’s Hall


  • The Unburnt Footwork achievement can now only be obtained in Veteran difficulty, as intended.
  • Mazandi now correctly waits for the hostiles to be defeated before entering The Hunter's Nest.

Ozezan the Inferno

  • The visual combat indicator for Sand Storm is now more visible.


  • Damage over Time effects will no longer linger on Valinna after she moves to the final fight space.
  • Valinna can no longer be killed earlier than intended.
  • Valinna will now always cast Scorching Heat when intended and her Immolation Trap will properly show a combat indicator when detonated.

3) Trials

Maw of Lorkhaj

  • Dro-m’Athra Shadowguards will no longer remove taunt effects just prior to using their Void Rush ability

4) Alliance War and PvP


Fixed an issue that caused Conquest Board Missions to not properly update the following achievements:

  • Glory to the Ebonheart Pact
  • Glory to the Aldmeri Dominion
  • Glory to the Daggerfall Covenant

5) Art and Animation


  • Replaced some loadscreens that previously featured some unfortunately cropped characters.

6) Crafting and Economy


  • Fixed an issue where some enchantments could become stronger than intended.
  • Note: The tooltip will still reflect the incorrect enchantment values on affected items and will be fixed in a future patch.

7) Crown Store and Crown Crates


  • Fixed the following Motifs and Furnishings that could not be converted into gems, listed below with their intended gem value:
  • Crown Crafting Motif 67: Welkynar Style - 33 gem value
  • Crown Crafting Motif 55: Dreadhorn Style - 33 gem value
  • Orb of the Spirit Queen - 33 gem value
  • Reach Chandelier, Hagraven - 13 gem value
  • Rite of the Harrowforged - 13 gem value

8) Dungeons and Group Content


  • Fungal Grotto II
  • The Spawn of Mephala’s corpse can now always be looted regardless of your character’s positioning when the boss is defeated.

9) Exploration and Itemization


  • Removed a duplicate copy of the “The Best of Friends” achievement.

10) Miscellaneous


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when having corpse targeting skills equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where some inputs would no longer work after using a wayshrine.
  • Fixed a rare issue where it was possible to not receive all the Ancient Dragon Hunter collectibles through Amazon Prime Gaming.

11) Quest and Zones


  • Removed a whirlpool to nowhere in a certain river.

12) UI


  • Updated the tooltip text for Bloodmoon and Blood Ritual to reflect it being on a weekly timeframe

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