Sightline Survey god roll guide for Destiny 2 PvE and PvP

Sightline Survey
What are the best Godrolls for Sightline Survey in Destiny 2? (Image via Bungie)

As every Destiny 2 expansion does, The Final Shape has brought multiple new weapons for players to both collect and enhance, including the Sightline Survey. This is a Legendary Hand Cannon and can be used to decimate foes with its high rate of fire and predictable recoil pattern.

The best perks to equip this particular weapon with for both PvP and PvE matches can be found below. Much like Destiny 2's The Call, this particular weapon will become craftable. Once that happens, its perk set can be reconfigured at any point as you progress through the game, which should allow for a fair bit of experimentation.

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Sightline Survey PvE god roll for Destiny 2

The PvE godrolls (Image via D2Gunsmith)
The PvE godrolls (Image via D2Gunsmith)

The best perks to equip this weapon with for PvE scenarios are:

  • Desperate Measures: Final Blows using the weapon will deal bonus damage. Both melee and grenade Final Blows will offer a higher damage bonus that is stackable.
  • Fragile Focus: Boosts damage if you possess a full Shield. The bonus damage is reset if your Shield health drops below 100%.
  • Flared Magwell: Greatly boosts reload speed and moderately boosts weapon stability.
  • Extended Barrel: Increases range and decreases recoil. Slightly lowers weapon handling speed.

Readers are recommended to experiment with other perks to further enhance their skills.

Sightline Survey PvP god roll for Destiny 2

The PvP godrolls (Image via D2Gunsmith)
The PvP godrolls (Image via D2Gunsmith)

The best perks for this particular weapon for PvP scenarios are:

  • Air Trigger: Increases ammunition capacity and boosts accuracy as well as reload speed while airborne, at the cost of target acquisition.
  • Tactical Mag: Boosts weapon stability, reload speed, and magazine size.
  • Extended Barrel: Boosts weapon range and recoil control at the cost of handling speed.
  • Eye of the Storm: This perk allows Sightline Survey to gain higher accuracy and better handling while the wielder is at low HP.

As earlier, readers are encouraged to experiment with other perks.

How to grab the Sightline Survey in Destiny 2

As this is a seasonal weapon (and thus obtainable from echoes), the Survey is expected to become craftable. For drop sources, the associated seasonal activity and War Table vendor will tell players how to get the Sightline Survey.

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