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Jimmy Snuka



The late Jimmy Snuka is a legendary wrestler for the changes he brought to wrestling

throughout his career. However, he remains a controversial figure due to his alleged

involvement with the murder of his girlfriend, Nancy Argentino.

After finding success in the art of body building, he moved to wrestling. Jimmy Snuka

wrestled in many of the territories before finally coming to the WWE.


Jimmy Snuka wrestled in WWE as a villain, but his high-flying style won over the fans, and

he slowly became a fan-favourite. His match with Bob Backlund for the WWF Championship

in Madison Square Garden, where the two were wrestling in a Steel Cage has gone down in

history for Snuka’s involvement.During a part of the match, Jimmy Snuka climbed to the top of the cage, before jumping off and onto Bob Backlund.

His feud with ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper during his run in WWE, remains his most iconinc.

After he left and returned to WWE again, he was the veteran that the younger stars beat to

get to the next level.

Jimmy Snuka also holds the honour of being the first-ever opponent of the Undertaker whom

the Dead Man defeated in WrestleMania VII to begin his Undefeated Streak.

Jimmy Snuka would wrestle in WCW for a year, but he would return again to WWE. He kept

making sporadic appearances for the company. Jimmy Snuka was also inducted into the

WWE Hall of Fame in 1996.

In 2015, after he was dismissed from the trial surrounding his girlfriend’s passing due to

Dementia, Snuka passed away.

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