Are you allowed to trade Pokemon in Legends Arceus?

A trainer on a mountaintop with its Braviary (Image via Game Freak)
A trainer on a mountaintop with its Braviary (Image via Game Freak)

Pokemon Legends Arceus is arriving soon and players want to know if features from the main entries will be available.

One of the most enticing mechanics in Pokemon is the ability to trade with friends and strangers. Adding to your Pokedex or getting your hands on your favorite creature by trading is an important aspect of the franchise.


Even with a brand new style of game coming with Pokemon Legends Arceus, trainers should be elated to hear that trading will return. You can swap Pokemon with your friends through a trading post.

Trading will be a feature in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Typically, trainers in Pokemon games need to go to a Pokemon Center. There is an NPC behind a counter that you can speak with to connect to the internet and begin the trading process.

It will work a bit differently in Legends Arceus, but it can be assumed that an internet connection will be required. It is not known if players will need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to do so.

It is also unknown if there will be more than one area to begin trading from, but it has been confirmed that a trading post will be available in Jubilife Village, along with several other NPCs and services.

The trading post in Jubilife Village allows trainers to give Merit Points in return for different items. It is also where trading Pokemon with other players will occur in Legends Arceus.

Right now, everything else about trading has not been disclosed. All we know is that it will be a feature in the game and that is enough to get trainers excited for this new Pokemon adventure.

There are quite a few Pokemon that are required to be traded, with or without a held item, in order to evolve. In addition, some version-exclusive Pokemon could only be obtained through trading.

Since Legends Arceus isn't part of a set like Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, there won't be a second game with version-exclusives that trainers will need to trade for in order to complete their Pokedex.

In terms of trade evolutions, though, they could very well return. The likes of Machamp, Golem, Electivire, and others may be found in the wild, but could also be acquired through a trading evolution.