The best moveset for Meganium in Pokemon Gold and Silver

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company
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It has been quite some time since Pokemon Gold and Silver was released, but another boom for the franchise has seen players dive back into the older games.

There are many fans who argue that Pokemon Gold and Silver were the best pair of games in the entire series. Of course, HeartGold and SoulSilver shifted that opinion to remakes.


Regardless of what players argue is the best, the truth is that Meganium is a wildly underrated starter evolution from the Johto region. Once fully evolved, Meganium can help Pokemon trainers dominate some of the later Gyms, especially in Kanto.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer.

The best moveset for Meganium in Pokemon Gold and Silver

Sunny Day


Meganium is a Pokemon with some decent bulk. It has great defensive stats, and the rest are pretty balanced. That means it can probably take some hits before going down. Setting up harsh sunlight with Sunny Day will lead right into its next move.



With Sunny Day in play, Solar Beam will not need to charge. Also, if Meganium has the Ability Overgrow when it has a third of its HP or less, Grass-type moves will gain 50% power.

Meganium can be an excellent starting or finishing Pokemon if it can set up Sunny Day, take a supereffective hit, and deal a massive SolarBeam.



Earthquake is a wonderful coverage move for Meganium. This will help it deal damage to Pokemon that will cause it trouble. Against Ice and Fire-types, Earthquake will do supereffective damage, giving Meganium a fighting chance against its typing rivals.



Toxic can be learned as a TM. It has better accuracy than PoisonPowder, which is learned by leveling up in Pokemon Gold and Silver. Meganium can use this to chip away at various Pokemon, setting up the rest of the team for success by damaging opponents even after it may be off the field.

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