The best Venusaur build in Pokemon Unite

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company
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As one of the original 151 Pokemon, it is no doubt Venusaur has become a popular choice for Pokemon Unite players.

This tank can put up with the best of them. Its offensive tools are unmatched with the right setup and players will have no trouble controlling the top lane in Pokemon Unite with Venusaur.


As an Attacker, it benefits from ranged capabilities. This keeps Venusaur versatile, allowing players to attack while retreating or vice versa - dealing damage while the opponent tries to escape.

Pokemon Unite: The best build for Venusaur

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

Venusaur starts off as a cute and cuddly Grass-type starter, Bulbasaur. Defeating wild and player controlled Pokemon in Pokemon Unite will raise its level and evolve it.

At level 5 it will become Ivysaur and at level 9, Venusaur will be on the battlefield. While leveling up, take advantage of its Overgrow ability. Each stage of the Pokemon will deal increased damage with low HP.


Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

Razor Leaf is the go-to attack for Venusaur in Pokemon Unite. Bulbasaur will get the most use out of this move early on. Razor Leaf sends the attack down a narrow path, dealing damage to anything in the way.

Giga Drain should be the player's next choice moving forward. It acts in Pokemon Unite just as it does in the main series game. Venusaur will drain HP from opposing Pokemon and use it to heal.

Petal Dance is to follow with an awesome area of effect. It scatters petals around, increasing movement speed, and doing damage over time to any opposing Pokemon caught in it.

Lastly, it will obtain its Unite Move after fully evolving into Venusaur. Verdant Anger launches a massive seed which splits apart and deals damage over time in an area of effect, decreasing movement speed.


Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

The items for Venusaur in Pokemon Unite add to its offensive prowess. Assault Vest will allow it to gain a percentage of maximum health as a shield that blocks special attacks when not in combat.

Focus Band will ensure that HP is recovered, keeping it in battle. When HP is low, it gradually recovers to a certain point. This will guarantee Venusaur survives long enough to do some damage.

Wise Glasses should be the final held item for Venusaur in Pokemon Unite. It increases the overall strength of special attacks with every upgrade. After implementing all of these tactics, Venusaur will be a hard hitting nightmare.

For the Battle Item, Eject Button is always a good choice. Since Venusaur will constantly be in the thick of it, being able to escape before being taken out is key to its success.

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