When will Pokemon Unite nerf Gengar?

Gengar in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Gengar in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon Unite recently came out on the Nintendo Switch, yet players have already discovered that Gengar is far too overpowered in the game.

A recent update added the likes of Gardevoir to the game, as well as a slight nerf to Charizard, yet nothing has been done about Gengar.

Here's everything there is to know about Gengar's OP status in Pokemon Unite.

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Pokemon Unite players are begging for a Gengar nerf in the next update


While Ghastly may not be the most fearsome Pocket Monster in Pokemon Unite, players that manage to evolve it into Gengar are nearly unstoppable in the new game.

Using the moves Hex and Sludge Bomb, Gengar is able to terrorize multiple opponents at once. Sludge Bomb is an exceptionally deadly move in Pokemon Unite, as it can hit several enemies at once and simultaneously poison them.

Hex is no joke either. This move can also inflict damage on multiple Pokemon, and it has an insanely low cooldown time between uses. Thus, players have learned to use Sludge Bomb and then Hex in quick succession, unleashing a powerful combo-attack on enemy teams.

While an update has already been implemented into brand new Pokemon Unite, there are no official signs of a nerf coming to Gengar as of yet. However, the game was quick to put out an update nerfing Muscle Band's effect on Charizard. So there is a good chance that Gengar's overpowered status will reach their ears soon and they'll likely put out an update shortly after.

In the meantime, when a player encounters an enemy Gengar in Pokemon Unite, their best bet is to simply scatter.

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