Will Pokemon Unite nerf Snorlax?

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

Snorlax is a starting Defender in Pokemon Unite, having caused players plenty of trouble since release.

Balance changes are coming for Pokemon Unite, but so far, it seems like every single Pokemon has something overpowered or underpowered about it. This includes Snorlax.


The Defender is one of Pokemon Unite's bulkiest monsters. He works well up close and personal, can heal himself, can block enemies, and send them up in the air with Heavy Slam. Does he need a nerf?

Is there going to be a Snorlax nerf in Pokemon Unite?

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

Snorlax remains unchanged in the update that Pokemon Unite is receiving. There are plenty of calls for Snorlax to be nerfed, however. Many feel the new patch missed out on balancing the sleepy giant.

That may be the most detailed call for a Snorlax nerf in Pokemon Unite. Everyone else is just reaching out to the Pokemon Unite Twitter account, shouting for a Snorlax nerf with their fingers crossed.

It is clear that Pokemon Unite listens to its players as balance changes are being worked on. Even after the patch, bugs affecting some Pokemon and their moves have been addressed.

Many believe Snorlax is fine just the way he is in Pokemon Unite. This could be coming from biased players taking advantage of the issues others have pointed out or those that truly feel Snorlax needs no adjustments.

At some point, Snorlax may be seen as much more powerful than he should be. With changes to other Pokemon, how they react to those that go unchanged won't be determined for a while.

Snorlax probably could use a bit of a nerf, perhaps to his damage done, but as a Defender, his ability to heal up and block is literally what he is made for. That should go untouched.

Will Pokemon Unite nerf Snorlax? Looking at some of the recent balance changes, saying probably is just wishful thinking. It is almost certainly leaning toward a yes. A Snorlax nerf will happen sooner or later.

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