10 hilarious moments from BTS' In the Soop season 1

A still of BTS members from In the Soop Season 1 (Image via @INTHESOOP_TV/Twitter)
A still of BTS members from In the Soop Season 1 (Image via @INTHESOOP_TV/Twitter)

BTS’ In the Soop season 1 was released on August 19, 2020, on JTBC, the South Korean Televison Network. The variety show hooked ARMYs and offered a little glimpse into the lives of the members. It offered a different outlook where the members took on various hobbies, cooked meals, played sports, and led a comparatively relaxing life for a week.

In the Soop fascinated fans because of its candid element. Fans' love and admiration for BTS only grew stronger with the premiere of the show.

Let’s look at some of the most hilarious moments from the show that gained immense popularity.

Ten moments from In the Soop Season 1 that made fans go berserk

1) Jungkook’s snores

While talking about members’ sleeping patterns, J-Hope revealed how the golden maknae, Jungkook, developed really loud snores and proceeded to imitate them. He was joined by Jimin who had literal screams for snores. Upon being teased, Jungkook asked Jimin if he really is that loud to which he replied,

“You sound like a car revving up”

2) The automatic car seats


J-Hope and V were loading a car from behind when they noticed that the seats in the front folded downwards without any outside stimulus. They were shocked to witness the sight. Later, Jimin and Jin also joined the duo and it was their overly dramatic expressions that made fans giggle and laugh.

3) V gets locked out

One scene from BTS’ In the Soop, where Tae-hyung got locked out of the room, makes rounds on the internet to date.

While members were sitting in a room and doing their own things, Jungkook inquisitively asked about his hyung’s whereabouts. And within seconds, they noticed him standing outside the glass door.

V was not allowed to enter until he remembered the password. Acting very cute, he said the iconic, “lachibolala” and “rock bison” and was finally let in.

4) Jungkook talking to a fish

The moment when Jungkook randomly starts talking to a fish is the epitome of innocent humor. He was inquisitive about how the fish just lay on the table “calmly” and proceeded to poke it softly. Jungkook also went ahead with a monologue thanking the fish and said,

“I’m sorry and thankyou”

5) Suga’s tears

The sassiest member of the group, Suga, who like Jin also quite often cooks for the members, had to accept defeat from onions.

On the reality show, he was seen making breakfast and chopping onions. It was at this moment that he couldn't keep his eyes from tearing. Suga’s screams and cries for help made J-hope and fans burst out in laughter.

6) Jungkook and the bag

In one of the episodes of In the Soop, Jungkook carries a black bag quite gracefully, something fans find extremely contradictory to his personality. The energetic and spirited Jungkook appeared as a rich K-drama fashionista while walking with the bag.

7) Fart at a reality show

This moment from the show has been a fan favorite for the candid element it carries.

J-Hope was trying to assemble a toy project when Jimin leaned on his back. The main lead dancer told Jimin that he might fart if the latter does not stop. Jimin giggled and replied,

“A variety show needs some farting. I’m testing you. If you fart you’re an entertainer and if you don’t you’re just a normal person.”

8) V and his mischief


V and Jungkook have a deep and extremely friendly bond.

As the hyung, V likes to cause trouble for the golden maknae of the group and he does just that by slightly pulling down his shorts in one of the In the Soop episodes. Jungkook was busy playing a virtual game when V came up with this hilarious and evil idea to tease the former and fans at the same time.

9) Jin goes fishing


While Jin is the eldest member of the group, his childish tactics and carefree persona definitely resemble a five-year-old.

In the Soop offered a glimpse of Jin’s fishing skills, which were quite hilarious to watch. Just when he thought he had caught a fish, it was revealed that it was stuck to the boat all this time.

The idol started screaming dramatically at the discovery and exclaimed,

“Was it just stuck on the boat? Oh, come on man. That just hurts. Captain, captain, captain.”

10) Jungkook’s driving expressions


In one episode of In the Soop, BTS members were seen driving in separate cars. V, Jimin, and J-Hope were in the same car while Jungkook and Namjoon shared another.

J-Hope noticed Jungkook from the rear of his car and waved to him. After J-Hope informed the maknae that he could see him clearly, Jungkook started acting hilariously, making funny expressions and shaking his head.

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