10 K-pop memes that went crazy viral

Hyungwon, RM, and Key making K-pop stans laugh out loud (Image via Sportskeeda)
Hyungwon, RM, and Key making K-pop stans laugh out loud (Image via Sportskeeda)

It's no secret that K-pop memes are the heart of the K-pop music industry. The industry is not only renowned for producing brilliant artists but also hilarious and super entertaining memes.

K-pop idols are always in the limelight and every little thing they do is observed by fans worldwide, and this has given birth to a number of K-pop memes.

Jackson’s “annyeonghaseyo”, Irene’s Amor Fati dance, and Key’s clown costume, form only the tip of the iceberg. An endless number of K-pop memes have gone viral.

From streaming their variety shows to watching their interviews, fans find themselves amidst a creative meme-designing process. Furthermore, the Hallyu wave, along with a dedicated fanbase, has managed to give everyone a burst of hearty laughter.

Let’s look at some of the K-pop memes that went viral.

Lisa’s legs, Bambam’s bag, and more: K-pop memes that had fans ROFL-ing

1) Taemin's MBC’s Music Core moment

the way taemin had the first kpop meme i remember going viral with "the kpop dude" then it kibums halloween costume with clown wig lmaoo shinees impact 😌

SHINee’s Lee Tae-min had fans crying happy tears with his facial expressions. Going from a concerned and tense look to a relaxed and carefree smile, the instant switch between his expressions went crazy viral on Tumblr. It also earned him the “The K-pop dude” title.

2) MONSTA X Hyungwon and his Starbucks drink

@SaraDavisCA Yeah it's him too!!introducing Monsta X's Hyungwon! Known as the starbucks guy. But he's more than that tho! Hahaha hes the main dancer! And ilove his voice~

This K-pop meme featuring MONSTA X’s Hyunwon made the rounds of the internet. While at a fan-signing event, the idol was spotted prioritizing sipping his Starbucks drink over speaking.

“The Starbucks guy,” as he came to be known later, picked up the mic to speak but placed it back just to have a sip.

3) SHINee’s Key's Ronald McDonald moment

not SHINee’s key going viral dressing as a clown lmao-

This K-pop meme needs no introduction. SM Town, a K-pop artist collective, held their annual Halloween theme party in 2015, where SHINee’s Key dressed as Ronald McDonald. A video he uploaded to Instagram showed him wearing the wig, which later became the laughter fodder for millions.

4) Jackson’s “annyeonghaseyo”

Remember when Jackson said he learned Korean through dating akdjakdjssndn this is actually the context of the viral annyeonghaseyo meme 😂@GOT7Official

GOT7’s Jackson Wang has gone viral on multiple occasions and the “annyeonghaseyo” meme tops the list. The idol gave the viral meme moment in an interview where he was discussing his ways of learning Korean.

His excitement and stress on “annyeonghaseyo” (Korean salutation) was adorable and broke the internet.

5) Irene's expressions queen moment

Irene meme going viral againnn…

Irene has a quirky and charming persona which often results in her giving fans all sorts of expressions. However, her expressions from Joy’s Instagram Live on April 26, 2019, will remain iconic. Fans once again showed off their creative skills and made hundreds of memes compiling her two very distinct facial expressions.

6) RM’s “You got no jams”

My BTS favorite moment!!"Jimin you got no jams" - RM (2014) This is my most favorite BTS moment! It will be forever iconic for me 😂 #BTSMOMENTS @theQoos_…

While on a flight to Los Angeles in 2014, BTS’ RM coined the iconic “you got no jams” phrase. The idol said it to his fellow member Jimin in a playful and funny way but the internet decided to turn it into an ever-lasting meme.

7) BamBam gigantic bag

Bambam was spotted at Divisoria buying some cheap clothes #BamBaminManila

BamBam’s appearance on Vogue Korea’s “What’s in my bag?” segment made headlines, just maybe not for the reasons you’d expect. Fans were sent into a frenzy after discovering his extraordinarily massive bag. They edited BamBam with his bag on different templates, causing the K-pop meme to go viral.

8) Jackson’s reaction face

Another Jackson meme going viral who knew

This meme is perhaps the funniest on the list. Jackson’s reaction to J.Y. Park’s transparent pants during the 2018 MAMA performance was hilarious. Not only did his candid reaction catch the eye of everyone present at the award show, it also carved its name into the book of legendary K-pop memes.

9) Lisa legs

A little thread of lisa's legs "did it work" meme going viral.😂You can add more if I miss something😆

BLACKPINK’s Lisa became a K-pop meme star because of her legs. In a dance performance video by LILI FILM, Lisa was seen flaunting her long, gorgeous legs. Little did the singer know what was to come next. Fans worldwide started to photoshop and edit her legs on to other bodies, humans and fictional characters, alike, sharing the results on social media with the question "Did it work?" as caption.

10) Irene's Amor Fati dance

If Georgia flips I’ll recreate Irene’s Amor Fati video

Red Velvet’s Irene’s dance for the 2018 KBS Gayo Daechukje TV promo went crazy viral. The idol danced to Amor Fati, which was the ending song for the event. Her moves became the rage among fans and within hours she was photoshopped and edited into hilarious memes.

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