8 times BTS’ Kim Nam-joon’s effortless humor entertained ARMYs

A still of the K-pop artist Kim Nam-joon (Image via Instagram/@rkive)
A still of the K-pop artist Kim Nam-joon (Image via Instagram/@rkive)

BTS’ Kim Nam-joon has a reputation for being the clumsiest in the group. He also has a habit of making comments that are effortlessly funny. Irrespective of who he is talking to or where he is, the K-pop idol leaves no opportunity for a quick pun.

The BTS leader’s high IQ allows him to make some of the most hilarious comments at any given time. What is even more interesting is that at times he is oblivious to the humorous things he says. This further testifies to his ability to be effortlessly funny.

In light of this, let’s look at some of Kim Namjoon’s comments that were extremely funny.

Gravestone inscription, digestive pills, and more: Eight times BTS’ Kim Nam-joon’s comments were effortlessly hilarious

1) A contemporary artwork ft. Jin

In the behind-the-scenes video footage of Dynamite, Jin was seen lying on the dance floor because he was nauseous after being on the merry-go-round.

BTS’ Kim Nam-joon had a lot to say about it. He named Jin’s still position “contemporary art” but more hilarious was the title he gave him.

“It’s my work titled motion sickness.”

2) The food critic

namjoon had me CRYING 😭🤣 he’s so effortlessly funny

BTS’ Kim Nam-joon is the king of expression, especially ones that complement his effortless humor. During an episode of BTS In the Soop 2, the members cooked themselves a hearty meal.

J-hope, who was extremely hungry, attacked the food and started to enjoy the delicacy with all his soul. Seeing his band member’s rather funny expressions, Nam-joon couldn't stop himself and with a poker face said:

“Is it that good?”

3) The gravestone inscription

Jungkook talking about his wish and Joon just 😭

BTS members as part of the 2021 FESTA wrote messages for ARMYs. The golden maknae, Jung Kook, talked about meeting AMRYs and having a good end to their journey.

As thoughtful as his message was, Nam-joon was ready to use his wits to make fans laugh. He said,

“It sounds like a gravestone inscription.”

4) The food vlogger

When Jungkook was clicking pictures of the food 😂

Among members born in the early 1990s, there is also the 1997-born maknae, Jung Kook, who gives off Gen Z vibes. From keeping himself updated with slang to experimenting on the internet, he has done it all.

Like most of the internet generation who always take pictures of food before eating, Jung Kook also showcased his quirks by capturing memories of food through his camera. This brought out the best dad joke from BTS’ Kim Nam-joon.

“Does taking pictures make the food taste different?”

5) The Coke dilemma

namjoon saying he wish he didn't drink coke and then proceeds to drink more coke PLS he's so unintentionally funny 😭😭

Nothing makes BTS’ Kim Nam-joon more relatable than the time he made convictions for not drinking coke but proceeded to do it live on camera the very next moment.

Like all our New Year resolutions, the K-pop idol’s too didn’t become a reality. However, it did give fans a burst of hearty laughter and the time of their lives.

6) Priorities set straight

Speaking of clear priorities, no one can beat the BTS leader. During a Run BTS! episode, the K-pop idol gave the correct answer to a “guess the song” question.

Given the song was about love, it led his opponent, Jimin, to ask what Nam-joon knows about it? Nam-joon made an unexpected remark that left fans laughing for days.

“I may not know love, but I know snacks.”

7) Jin's digestive pills

namjoon making all of the boys crack up by saying jin takes pills with digestive medicine which cancels out anything the pills were supposed to do. he's so funny, pls #BTS

As part of the BTS x Constellar Korea collab, the members engaged in a “Do you know me?” game. While playing the game, Jin revealed how he had an upset stomach.

Grabbing this opportunity BTS’ Kim Nam-joon exposed his friend.

“He takes pills along with digestive medicines. Then isn’t it back to square one?"

8) j-hope’s personal forest

He says the funniest thingsssss!

There cannot be a more suited definition of effortless humor than BTS’ Kim Namjoon commenting on J-hope’s floral-style shirt. The Moonchild singer was randomly passing by j-hope when he noticed his shirt and commented:

“j-hope, there is a forest on your chest.”

Namjoon now has 199 credits in KOMCA, after the Demos from the anthology album 'Proof' were added.#RM remains as the second and youngest most credited Korean Artist.CONGRATULATIONS RMKOMCA KING NAMJOON#RM199KOMCA

Meanwhile, on 12 July 2022, Kim Nam-joon set a new KOMCA record. He became the second and youngest most credited Korean artist with 199 total credits. His credits increased after he registered Proof demo tracks. BTS’ SUGA also made it to the list with 147 credits.

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